Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello in there

I have a ton of follies. I had my first u/s of the cycle. Don't you just hate CD2 u/s? Ick. But there they were - hanging out for all to see. My lining looks good at 7. 7 what I wonder? 7 inches? No, can't be. 7 maids a singing? 7 ducks a squawking?

I had the butcher of Cornell this morning for my blood draw. So pleasant. thick Russian accent, hands like plates and a crap aim. Then I had the little sprinter - there is this one chick that basically runs you to the u/s room. it's hilarious - everyone groggy since it's so early, everyone mumbles and is embarrassed since they just yelled out your full frikkin name to the room, and off she goes. whoooosh. I always have to ask where the little nurse went when we get past the nurses station!

My u/s was done by the infamous Dr Davis. oooohhhh. Hello hoo hoo. He asks if he may enter the room, is kind and courteous and then rattles through the next steps. I never listen. I just had a wand up my hoo hoo. I am thinking calm thoughts. Anyway, when they phone tonight I will let it go to voicemail so I can listen at my leisure.

My bad mood hasn't lifted. I am basically depressed (EL I think) and my bad back has returned (EL again - did you know EL effects your bones and cartilage?). I could do with some TLC but DH has his own drama right now.

Ah well, short week and long weekend is acomin' .Can't ask more than that.


  1. You are on your way!! I was on lupron and it suppressed my ovaries so there weren't any follies. What is EL? I'm so excited that your cycle is here! Woohoo!!!

  2. I'm not sure why you'd have so many follies since your on the EL. I hope the phone message was good news (I'd hate to think of them telling you "Gee, we'll have to start the EL cycle again"). Let's hope it's one hurdle overcome, and onto the next (estrogen?). Yeah, those clinic visits, whisking you this way and that, passing other hopefuls in the waiting room, no one wanting to make eye contact...except the doctor and your hoo's all just a bit unnerving at times. But you are now one day closer to those donor eggs! So keep the bright side in view! I hope your back feels better and you're able to take things a bit easy.