Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have the dates!

Retrieval will be on September 15th with 3 or 5 day transfer.

I get blood work done on August 13th then wait for my Lu.pron period (around the 27th, I think). Add a dash of estrogen and ta da.... prepped for transfer.

How did I get this info you ask? I called ... everyone! Melissa isn't happy with me and I do not care.

I also asked if the donor was a successful donor - yes she is. Phew!

I am so relieved to get the plan. I have structure. I feel calm. I feel excited. I have time for my back to continue healing and to shed some more weight. I can build up my tired old ass with lots of lovely sleep. Cat will be fine by then and all will be right in the world. How do I know. 'Coz I am wagging, baby, wagging.

Thanks for the encouragement to call. I read a post about how this blogging support is like having sisters - and that is so true. It is like having non judgemental and totally supportive family. Thanks.



  1. YAYYYYYYYY! So glad you have structure and calm and a plan and you are wagging! I agree that it's an excellent length of time to be rested and ready. Good for you for being so assertive with those Cornballs!

    P.S. I gave you an award...come visit and see!

  2. So, um, EB, your transfer is in FIVE WEEKS! Yayyyy! I'm glad you called and spoke with anyone and everyone over there. If other people in that office were able to tell you your dates, I'd say Melissa has some power trip issues. Otherwise, why couldn't she release this top secret information to you? If she makes a comment, just give her a dose of her own medicine - the silent treatment.

    Well, sweetie, I am happy to be your cheerleader and cyber sister any day. It's all going to come together perfectly now. I just know it.

  3. How exciting! I'm so glad you have your dates! Woohoo! Awesome that she is a proven donor - that can make all the difference in the world! Here's to a fabulous September!

  4. Yay -- dates! This is such a big step, I feel really happy for you. I love to have dates to plan around in virtually all aspects of my life. Dates, structure, plans. It's all good!

  5. How great it is to finally have a plan and kudos to you for getting them to do proper customer service. I will also be cheering you on.

  6. I am so excited that you have a plan!!! Plans are great. Having information is great. It helps me sleep at night! I'm glad you were persistent! 5 weeks is right around the corner. I know there will be a LOT of waiting in between but we will all be here to help you through! This is your time! Wag away!

  7. Well good for you! Glad you were able to wring the info out of their secret-hording hands. WHY do they have to make things so difficult? Very thrilling to have a plan in place, and it is great that you ave a little more time to lose weight, whip the cat into shape etc. I was so inspired by your weight loss I have started the Real Diet (by which I mean, I am just REALLY going to stay on it) I told everyone IRL about it so there is no going back!

    Best of luck as you start your 5ww!

  8. hip hip HURRAY! sept is right around the corner!