Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, that didn't last long - update

OK - I hate ending the day on a gripe so .... back by popular demand --- Miss Kittie... in her new little outfit .... just look at her !!

I thought I had spotting yesterday so I totally freaked. I just need to calm down. I shall take a EPT tomorrow just to be sure. I am sure you are all right - its my wacky hormones. Anyone had mid cycle spotting? I think I am CD27.

But the real pisser today is that my vacation is over. I had to come into work. Why? The arse I work for.

My boss is driving me nuts. I work for a HUGE organization and he is the Chairman. I am an advisor (not legal but strategic). Yet, the ass wipe consistently gets me roped into research projects. WTF??? He is paying someone not in our network to be a strategist when he has my entire bloody department. And you know why. The other strategist is a guy. YEP. I work in the 1950's.

While he gets ready for his three week vacation, I cut my 4 days short because I was dumped with a neurotic client. To make matters worse the neurotic client has met the other strategist and thinks I work for HIM!! NO BUDDY - THE OTHER GUY'S THE FRIKKIN VENDOR!!

So whilst nutty client is demanding the doable from my group thanks to the vendor's mismanagement I have decided to take the situation in hand.

1. educate the client as to whom is in charge on our side
2. educate the vendor as to whom is in charge on our side
3. educate my boss when to call me in and when not to

It just makes my blood boil. I really hope I win the lottery so I can start my own foundation and NEVER have to hear this bullshit ever again. Some of the bullshit...

  • I was 'accused' of being a feminist because I didn't change my name when I got married (I did but I use my maiden name for work) I replied "thank you!" and walked away.
  • I was asked to make the coffee by a client! I replied "no thanks, just had one"
  • I saved 1.6 BILLION dollars of business and it was put down to my girlie charm (ironic since I am built like a rugby player)I replied, "yes, charm, and the advanced degree's in negotiation, proven intelligence and dedication to the client issue". The ongoing management has been given to... yes, two old white guys that created the problem to begin with.
Roll on maternity leave.


  1. Made my blood boil just reading it. Uh, make the coffee?? I'm sorry work sucks...and it gets in the way of the real obejctive at hand! I'm disappointed to hear NY execs haven't stepped into the 21st century (or even the 20th) with respect to maiden last names. Amazing. Screw them anyway.

  2. P.S. You have a new pic of kitty in the new attire?

  3. Wow. I can't believe you had to come in a day earlier. That is the worst. That shocks me about the married/maiden name issue. I know a lot of women who keep their maiden name for work. And the coffee request- PLEEEEEESE people! Work is fun, isn't it?

    About spotting mid-cycle, yes, I have. It usually would happen after I started the Lurpon. About 4-5 days in. It's happened at least 2x with me.

  4. Oh she is SOOOOO cute in it! And, she's looking quite healthy.

  5. Kitty looks adorable! And I just LOVE (and envy) the way a cat will find a sunny spot on the floor and stretch out to nap. I actually tried that once and found it to be greatly relaxing!

    Are you sure you don't work in law? Because the scenario you described sounds just like something that would happen at a law firm. And might I say, wow, you have some amazing girlie charm to save 1.6 Billion (with a "b") dollars. Aw, crap, it's a freaking good ole boys' club world out there and we women are always stuck with the short end of the proverbial stick. I really hope you straighten everyone out about roles and respect. They need it.