Sunday, December 30, 2012

Momma plans a party

Remember the play I directed? The cast and crew all came together wonderfully and we found we actually liked each other.  So I invited those folks over for New Years Day.  I called it a 'Gently Does It' afternoon and went with a 1980's theme. Finger foods abound. I wonder if I can get any Bucks Fizz. Anyone remember that? We shall play Taboo, which is the best game ever, and eat funny food.

We haven't held a gathering since the kids were born (other than kids stuff).  I'm a bit nervous,  the truth be told,  but my New Years Resolution is to socialise more. Also to run 4 x 5K's. Have to get my knee sorted first but by the time my kids are 3 I will have completed 20K. Wonder if I can get my time down?

This year is all about my family and freedom. Making sure we all get out and do things (swimming and hiking is on my list) and getting a new job or going back to being self employed.

What about you guys? What would your dreams for 2013 be?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Chanaku-mas ever.

We all had such a lovely day. Seriously great fun. Got up and destroyed the wrapping paper. Did anyone care what was inside - nah! Kids got tons of toys and clothing of course, each narrowing in on a particular toy that is 'MINE'

We even cooked a traditional British lunch: Roast Turkey, potato, beans, stuffing and gravy. (we had brussel sprouts but I forget to cook them).

The kids ate at the big table and were great. Mimi is a turkey fan for sure. Not so much Pip. He doesn't really like any meats. But boy can he put beans away. Especially if they are dipped in cranberry sauce.

We then watched a Christmas movie while the turkey did it thing and after that ... zzzzzzzzzzz!

It was a glorious day for many reasons - not least because I was very aware that this is our family starting its own history. We enjoy this time of year coz we get to hang out and play dancing dinosaurs, reading in a huddle ( a favourite game: reading in a big pile on the floor).

Pip got a remote control car and he is an expert at it. So every year I can see him getting something to experiment with. Mimi got make believe which she loves and little ballet slippers which although too small she adores. The best pressie for her tho was the laptop. She thinks it rocks thank you very much.

Right now its Boxing day and the kids just had cold turkey salad. Soon they will slip in to nap time ('bed please mum') and I shall join them.

Best Channa-mas ever.

Hope you and yours had all the love and togetherness they could possible desire. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why good will always win over bad.

I am still shaken from my latest round with crazy boss.  I have diagnosed her as having  Narcissist Personality Disorder. After reading a ton of books/articles and speaking with my shrink it all falls into place. Short version: no empathy, self obsessed, will go to very long lengths to destroy whomever they please. 

Amazing how effective she is at destroying me. Why am I giving her this power? I feel like a total loser and disgusted with myself. Yep, she is getting what she wants. 


I have started a log of every shitty thing she has done since I arrived. It makes quite the reading.  

And it gives me perspective. I wrote when, where and what happened. 

Always in private. 
Always full of threats
Always personal in nature. 

In complete relief to that our non biological Grandparents came a calling today with about 10 bags of gifts for the kids. They are insanely kind to us. I love them so much. They were appalled at how tired I looked. Moppi (grandma) knew something was up. It was nice to be able to spill the details and have unconditional support. 

So, we played and ate (bagels of course) and laughed a whole lot. Just lovely. The kids went down no problem and I have a few hours to myself. BLISS!!

My non bio family mean the world to me and mine. It's so wonderful to experience love in the midst of feeling like crap. I do wonder at how much we have, how lucky we are. Thankful doesn't even begin to cover it. 

And even my brother managed to send an actual gift this year. A real one. WOW!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Freaky Friday

All week I have been inching closer to the end. The day I could leave work for a whole week and not have to hear my that special someone who drives me nutso screaming and screeching like a demented parrot.

No such luck. Psycho boss is going away for the break.  Their last act before going? Loudly and violently humiliate me and demand my team work next week. 

And you know what?  I was devastated. This is my time of year - my personal spiritual time and I love it.  I felt humiliated and broken when I left work. 

Now, after a calming drink and a cuddle with super husband I have found balance. OK I have to work and that sucks. 

The kids are young enough not to care two hoots. 
This is a good time to learn this lesson without too much impact on family
My days will be short and quiet. I shall drink tea and read a book on my ipad. 
My kids can come play one day. 
I shall meet people for long lunches. 
I shall read books on how to handle a psycho boss. 
I will be ready for the new year without having to scramble. 

I can work on my resume  :)

I hope we all get a peaceful and rewarding 2013. I hope that we learn  how we treat one another matters more than almost anything else in life. I hope that those with power learn to earn it and those under that power learn to question it. I pray that empathy becomes a viral epidemic and we are all touched by it. 

Happy Holidays one and all. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Blog - Mimi 2.5years.

So, she's fallen asleep on the sofa again so I thought since my annoying brother got to tap away on this thing that fair is far and I have a go also.

I don't know about you but I am so confused.

We have a tree in our house. A tree. Like an outside 'what can you see' tree but it is inside our house with some some odd and dare I say dangerous things hanging on it. Pip broke lots of the non bouncy balls last week (and served hard time in our room,  I might add). Why do we have a tree in our house? We can't wear our outside shoes in the apartment but we can have a frikkin' tree?

And what is with all the really bad music? She is usually humming or singing or listening to decent enough stuff. A little slow for my liking and not enough Beiber but she is like, 100 yrs old so you know.  Well, lately its been this dreadful stuff. They are all about snow as far as I can understand or kissing daddy. Yuuuuck.

And what is the obsession with the old fella in the cheap suit?????  We have got to go to another party tomorrow where we all pretend to be surprised that some homeless guy in a red outfit and a humiliating hat. Don't talk to strangers ... unless they are dressed like a fool and in that case get thrown on his lap like you know him and smile for camera.  C'mon people - have some common sense.

This one better bring a decent gift or I'll pee on his leg.

Oh and tell her if she doesn't want us to pic up, rip, eat and other wise mess with her precious  'Chritmas cards' don't put them out where we can reach them. OK.

Oh, I'm going to bed. Drank too much milk and I always get punchy when I've over done it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the season...

for my friend to get married.

She just had a lovely winter wedding and I got to sing at her wedding so I was chuffed.

As I stood there I imagined what my kids weddings will be like. In a church? A synagogue? A cool loft or a barn? A boat? !

Who would they chose to spend their lives with?  Male or female? Older or younger. As long as they are in love I don't really care.

I hope we last. I hope it happens whilst we are around to tell them how much we love them and how proud we are of them and welcome their partner into our family.

Until then I shall keep on teaching the only lessons that I think count. Love. Empathy. Listening. Heart.

My friend is a peace negotiator (really!) and as I watched her thank everyone and make sure we were all having a good time I thought about people in my life in one way or another who are successful but mean. They are all making good money but their home lives are dreadful.

Lesson learnt. Love. Empathy. Listening. Heart.

Hope you are all well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas balls...

... that's what the kids call the tree ornaments. seriously - my kids are just plain funny. 

We did have glorious glass ones till ... yup .... Pip went on an ornament serial killer spree. 

Mimi pats the tree like its a cat. 

I get most of Christmas week with the kids and I am PSYCHED! We shall walk, play and sleep and I will have them all to myself. BIG SMILE

Mimi is counting to 15 now unaided which makes her a genius clearly. Pip has decided he can't read anymore. OK then. 

We are deep in the MINE days. With twins I am sure I should have read up about the most balanced psychological approach. I let them fight it out. They are getting very few presents by design. I do not want this time of year to be about how much they got.  Who am I kidding!!

What was your favourite present when you were a kid? Mine was this sculpture thing that I had to chip away at with a hammer and chisel. I loved it. 
Oh and the year I got pregnant with my lovely little ones :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest blogger - Pip (2.5)

My mum was typing something so according to annoying kid rule 2385 I had to try and jump up and down on the keyboard screaming loudly. This whole toddler agreement thing - exhausting I can tell you. Think our union rep should take a look at the fine print IMHO.

Anyway, she went for a shower and left us 'with Dora'. I am honestly shocked at how stupid that women is. Dora, my dear ma, is not real. She's on the tv. You know, the big box thing in the corner that you fall asleep in front of most night.

Anyway, I thought I would  help her out and guest blog.

I just want to approach the contentious topic of presents. Not sure if you know this but I am the better half of a twin ship. I have a sister. She's nice enough. Bit loud and bossy to be honest but that's not today's post. I know according to the handbook around this time of year we are to expect performance bonuses called 'presents'.  Can I tell you something. The other incentive (birthday - read your handbook people!) was totally rubbish this year. Did they get us anything??? I cannot remember. Yeah. Seriously.

So this year. What do I do? I know the sister has her hopes on various pink things including a new pink round skirt to twirl in, new shoes, bunch of dora things and her own plane. whatever sis. She is so not getting a new pink twirly skirt. No way. Blue maybe but I heard the big ones saying 'enough of the pink already'.

I want noise makers. Not picky what to be honest. Just as long as it makes lots of noise and maybe rolls in some way. Oh and if the word education is on anything I WILL lodge a complaint.

Should I write an email? That is not exactly kosher, know what I mean. I'm supposed to be illiterate right now. I could draw a picture but the big ones take so long to work anything out we would back at August again before they got it.

Really, I think I should get a specialist in for these guys. According to the handbook they should be in the over proud and ridiculous present buying stage. They should be able to anticipate where I hide the bottles (milk, people, milk) and they are supposed to be able to understand 130 of my words.


Anyway, I should go. Big one has turned off the shower.

Wish me luck people. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Must be the holiday season

This weekend was the Holiday concert for the choir I sing in. It was really great fun. The whole cast of the play turned upon the Friday night and then we went out for a bite to eat afterwards.  Sat was great coz I hung out a little afterwards but basically I grabbed a very chocolately hot chocolate and headed home. Lovely.

The kids loved seeing me all dressed up. Clearly I need to make more effort!!

This morning Mimi wanted to wear a dance dress -  which is what she calls met formal wear. We danced all day on and off. I am exhausted

So here were are.  Holiday season with two year olds.   How did you introduce your little ones to the Holiday ?  I love the good cheer and cold dark nights where you snuggle up listening to wonderful music.  Ok that last bit is my imagination. Would be nice tho.

Any ideas or anecdotes would be really helpful.

Hope your family and loved ones are enjoying the season.