Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Blog - Mimi 2.5years.

So, she's fallen asleep on the sofa again so I thought since my annoying brother got to tap away on this thing that fair is far and I have a go also.

I don't know about you but I am so confused.

We have a tree in our house. A tree. Like an outside 'what can you see' tree but it is inside our house with some some odd and dare I say dangerous things hanging on it. Pip broke lots of the non bouncy balls last week (and served hard time in our room,  I might add). Why do we have a tree in our house? We can't wear our outside shoes in the apartment but we can have a frikkin' tree?

And what is with all the really bad music? She is usually humming or singing or listening to decent enough stuff. A little slow for my liking and not enough Beiber but she is like, 100 yrs old so you know.  Well, lately its been this dreadful stuff. They are all about snow as far as I can understand or kissing daddy. Yuuuuck.

And what is the obsession with the old fella in the cheap suit?????  We have got to go to another party tomorrow where we all pretend to be surprised that some homeless guy in a red outfit and a humiliating hat. Don't talk to strangers ... unless they are dressed like a fool and in that case get thrown on his lap like you know him and smile for camera.  C'mon people - have some common sense.

This one better bring a decent gift or I'll pee on his leg.

Oh and tell her if she doesn't want us to pic up, rip, eat and other wise mess with her precious  'Chritmas cards' don't put them out where we can reach them. OK.

Oh, I'm going to bed. Drank too much milk and I always get punchy when I've over done it.

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