Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest blogger - Pip (2.5)

My mum was typing something so according to annoying kid rule 2385 I had to try and jump up and down on the keyboard screaming loudly. This whole toddler agreement thing - exhausting I can tell you. Think our union rep should take a look at the fine print IMHO.

Anyway, she went for a shower and left us 'with Dora'. I am honestly shocked at how stupid that women is. Dora, my dear ma, is not real. She's on the tv. You know, the big box thing in the corner that you fall asleep in front of most night.

Anyway, I thought I would  help her out and guest blog.

I just want to approach the contentious topic of presents. Not sure if you know this but I am the better half of a twin ship. I have a sister. She's nice enough. Bit loud and bossy to be honest but that's not today's post. I know according to the handbook around this time of year we are to expect performance bonuses called 'presents'.  Can I tell you something. The other incentive (birthday - read your handbook people!) was totally rubbish this year. Did they get us anything??? I cannot remember. Yeah. Seriously.

So this year. What do I do? I know the sister has her hopes on various pink things including a new pink round skirt to twirl in, new shoes, bunch of dora things and her own plane. whatever sis. She is so not getting a new pink twirly skirt. No way. Blue maybe but I heard the big ones saying 'enough of the pink already'.

I want noise makers. Not picky what to be honest. Just as long as it makes lots of noise and maybe rolls in some way. Oh and if the word education is on anything I WILL lodge a complaint.

Should I write an email? That is not exactly kosher, know what I mean. I'm supposed to be illiterate right now. I could draw a picture but the big ones take so long to work anything out we would back at August again before they got it.

Really, I think I should get a specialist in for these guys. According to the handbook they should be in the over proud and ridiculous present buying stage. They should be able to anticipate where I hide the bottles (milk, people, milk) and they are supposed to be able to understand 130 of my words.


Anyway, I should go. Big one has turned off the shower.

Wish me luck people. 

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  1. This was a fabulous and clever post! I loved it. That Pip is something else, comandeering your computer while you were in the shower! Scout happens to be obsessed with my computer such that I can hardly do a thing on it when he is around (note that he is at preschool this very moment). He always says, "Play on mommy's bideeah" - that's "computer" in ScoutSpeak!

    Oh, and for the record, the only gifts that Santa has gotten for the twins at the moment are 3 pairs of socks each. Very generous, I know. They need nothing and they know nothing. So....yeah.