Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What to do ... what to do

So July 4th is a coming (stating the obvious) and since I am not American it doesn't mean that much to me. However, DH is American and would like to celebrate. We are going to be staying put since we can't travel (thanks to my back) and so ... what to do, what to do.

I booked a couples massage at a nice spa for Sat. We shall go out for BBQ naturally and I shall make a reservation at a nice but not pricey place for a romantic diner. But what else?? Everything is either millions of people or millions of dollars. I looked into a fancy hotel - 600 dollars for a queen bed. WTF!!!!!!

What are you doing?

I would much prefer to be rubbing my pregnant belly and hanging out in a garden somewhere. But that could be said on any day of any week!!

Oh and check out Sprogblogger - she is peculating over there. A healthy doubling and no mistake!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

every day in every way...

No call from CRMI yet. But it's been like, 2 weeks!!!!! Imagine what I shall be like in the 2ww!!

Thanks for the ideas. I have decided to direct a play reading and get my office ready for maternity leave. It will force me to decide what the strategy is for 2009, which I hate doing and avoid thinking about. Crap, I know. It will help the person I work with think about staffing and help her to worry (which seems to motivate her).

I am back on the food wagon - I enjoyed the 'forbidden' food but had an odd emotional reaction to it all. I felt sort of dirty or icky. I felt anxious. Kinda ruined the fun of the forbidden. Am I am so focused on losing weight so I can be pregnant that I am getting tunnel vision on the food front?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

settling in...

thanks for humoring me and signing up here :-)

I was speaking with my mom about my young nephew. By all the descriptions it sounds like my little fella may have a touch of the CF. He has asthma, colds, coughing , chest issues etc. It made my choice to go down the DE route all that easier. I know I am a CF and my family has all sorts of crap floating around (schitzophrenia, Parkinson's, diabetes etc). Our kids will have the chances we can't genetically give them with a huge amount of love. Makes me happy and eager to get going.

I have been on the active list for less than a week. I want them to call already! I need to think of a way to distract myself. I have 5 pounds to my second weight loss goal. My back is being treated, my teeth are being sorted... I'm stumped. What to do? I would train for a marathon or a triathlon but I can't until my back is better. I am directing a play reading which may lead to a director's gig.

Ideas anyone???

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am hoping this blog updates in google reader. Please signup again, I'd hate to lose anyone in the transition!!