Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's finally here.

Autumn. Yippee and yahoo. We went out to play with layers of wool and had to stop of for a hot cuppa tea :)

Kids are growing up faster and faster. I swear they are on turbo grow. Lots of reasoning and explaining things to this old silly ma.  For example ...

a superhero pumpkin owl is a halloween costume so there.
a race car driver and fire truck man are the same thing, dummy.

we keep our batteries in our toes. thats why they are shaped that way.

witches aren't scary they are in a bad mood because someone got them blueberry yoghurt by mistake

under no circumstances am I to sing

big truck refers no to the actual size but the associated emotional response to said truck. therefore a tiny free truck can be "a big truck'

And I don't care what the kids say, the dude in orange with the life size puppets that are carried in a briefcase is creeps me out.

Hows it with you?

PS thanks for the support on the grammar attack. bizarre thing to get all pisty posty about !!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mosquito's in October?!

In NYC we had a freak hot week and the damn mossies came back fast and furious. BOth kids have very large angry red welts over their legs and poor mimi almost has a black eye.  I got munched on and even the cat got bitten.

What is going on??

Give me the cold sunny weather where all creepy crawlers bog off!!

Any safe remedies out there? Either prevention of treatment

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Blimey its been a long time. Lets play catch up

new job - cool and rocks and insane and fun
went camping with kids and we are already booking the next trip.
kids are fine but we are working out how to get rid of binky. yikes.
its about 90 degrees in nyc and its October. i want to wear my fall sweaters please.
my wonderful and inspiring and very special weight watcher leader up and quit unexpectedly. wtf. i asked her to keep me posted and we (the fat cabel of ww) will follow her blindly

that's about it.
whats up with you?