Saturday, February 23, 2013

Toddler car seat travel system recommendations

I have failed miserably at getting outside with the kids but I sure do appreciate the suggestions!

My next challenge is this. In June the whole tribe will be going to the UK for a week. My dear old dad turns 80 and there is no way I'm missing that! We saved for the donkeys years to afford the flights,  the accommodation, car hire and spending money. All good so far.

However, it looks as if we will need new car seats by June. The present one (Corro - something or other) is great (light weight, easy to install etc) but only goes to 40'. Mimi is at 36 now and sprouting like a tree. There's plenty of girth just too short in the seat.

So, we need car seat recommendations. It needs to be fairly lightweight (since we lug them in and out of hire cars and planes). OK for international plane restrictions and not requiring a PHD to get the thing installed.

Any ideas? ??

Let me reiterate the plane travel side of things. You know, two toddlers, in coach on an overnight flight. We are THE MOST UNPOPULAR PEOPLE IN THE WORLD when we get on the plane and since they don't let families board first ... we gotta get those seats installed in a flash.


Not use car seats. Just check them. Now there's an option.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toddler non activities.

What do those of you with toddlers do at the weekend? Since they got heavier I find myself reluctant to go outside or go to our play place. Its so selfish. I am SURE the kids are bored out of their heads. 

Now, I am totally exhausted. Work is kicking my arse. I have big black bags under my eyes and I can fall asleep standing up. 

Thankfully the kids are sleeping again (hush my mouth). 

So at the weekend ...  I am so lazy.  We barely leave the apartment. 

Anyone got any ideas? 

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Storm Rageth

Outside it a cold, wet, snowy, slushy mess. Inside I am suffering from sleep deprivation and raging PMS. Ever since having the kids I get severe PMS. It feels so bad I want to go on more medication just so I don't have to deal with it.

Does anyone else notice an increase in the PMS problems after having kids? I'm wondering if its peri menopause?

Oh the sleep deprivation. So far this week I have had two or three really early starts. Added to that Pip hasn't been sleeping. In the past 36 hours I've had a grand total of 3 hours sleep.

I wish I could suspend everything for 48 hours. I would sleep, work out, relax, maybe have a massage.

Hope you are all well and safe from the blizzard.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


No, I'm not going to Spain, worst luck. Just full of the joy of a very cold day and not being at work. I adore cold sunny days, even if I can't go out too much (kids are coming down with cold #230958845 of the season).

I had to spend way too many nights away from my wonderful cheeky kids. We skyped. It sucks not being able to cuddle them. To feel so completely helpless if anything happens. It doubly sucks when you are away for a stupid reason (aka my stupid job).

So, the question of the day...

Did you notice different sleep patterns at night emerging around 2.5 yrs? Pip has started crying at night (about 11 or 4am) and will not stop unless I bring him into bed with us. This is not NOT NOT NOT a pattern I want to develop. With twins, we need all the private time we can get.

Mind you, seeing his little face laying next to me in the dark, with his little hands holding mine, his little baby snore upsetting the cats :) I do like that.

Hope you are all well