Saturday, March 21, 2015

What the? Where have I been??

Hello out there. I do hope all is well with everyone. All is well here. We have had major changes and some things stay the same.

The kids are 4 1/2 going on 14. Right now they are laying top to tail on the couch complaining that the TV shows they are watching  SUCK MAMMA!!

They started preK in September and luckily we are in a great catchment zone. Mimi's teacher rocks. Pip's teacher needs to take some antidepressants I swear!  However, they are reading and writing and counting and socializing and all is fine for PRE-K kids.

I had a major health issue. Went in to hospital in October and had a big operation. It was a very difficult time but the upside is I lost 60 pounds and its got me on the way to healthier me. I still have weight to drop believe it or not.  Food means a while different thing to me now. It's odd. And good.

Work is the usual roller coaster.  I am in the process of changing jobs again. Again. Its all a bit odd. My present employers are trying to get to me to resign quickly. Most of it is that my Boss is incompetent and is worried that I will spill the beans.  Blah - corporate bullshit. What matters to me is that I stood my ground, counter offered and even if they get to feck me over I am proud of my work, team, integrity and basic human decentness in a totally morally bankrupt environment.

New Stuff
Kids and I went snow shoeing for the first time - rocked.
We walked on a ice lake
We are about to buy big kid beds.
We camp. A lot!
Pip is superhero mad
Mimi is pink mad.
Whining still driving me insane.  I.N.S.A.N.E

Whats happening with you ?