Friday, April 25, 2014


Pip has been ill.  From bug bites to temp, stomach upset and all around icky. We took him to the docs but they just did what I call 'mechanic' test (looked under the hood). No blood tests etc.

Now, call me a pushy NY mother but kid gets covered in bites and a day or two later comes down with lethargy and temp…

He's on the mend but I am keeping my mamma bear eyes pealed.

Mimi on the other hand seems to be going through her terrible two's in her 3's. All attitude, stomping and manipulation. She seems to be testing boundaries all over the place. Know what I want for mothers day? peace. No sleep. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He could've been a contenda!

This weekend has been glorious weather. Cool but sunny and after the horrendous winter we were all out of the door and walking around town to our hearts content.

It's also the time of year when we can open actually our windows. In the winter - forgetubaoutit. In the summer? Oh yuck. Autumn …  for a nano second before the snow comes. So Spring is it.
As a kid I loved sleeping with my windows open in late spring.  Cold but somehow not, snuggling under my covers was just lovely. So I left the kids windows a jar last night and tucked them into their big duvets.

This morning Pip woke up with a bright red, puffy eye. He's been bitten all over his face; three times near is eye and a couple of times near his ear. He looks like he's gone 10 rounds in the ring.
Was it that warm? What is up with NYC mosquito's! They all have puffer jackets or what???

So I am now on a war path. I've ordered serious netting for the windows. I've ordered lemongrass and bug spray and all sorts. You bite my kids and I'll make sure your kind is freakin' extinct!

Any ideas - please pass 'em on. Lets face it friends - this means war!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calmer waters …

Potty training is ongoing with lots of cheering and clapping

Binky crisis is very nearly over. A few whimpers and sighs and what seems to be a really naughty little girl!

What a long couple of weeks but hey...we got there.

Now lets get some spring on please!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

me and my big mouth

we are knee deep in poop and binky withdrawal symptoms.

I am living with 4ft high drug addicts - binky is the drug and momma is the only thing between it and them

and kids don't like to poop on the potty. they do like to poop in the hallway (hello new rug) and in the bathroom, just on the floor, next to the loo, NEXT TO THE LOO!!!

last night i got about 4 hours sleep whilst blocking the little binky addict.

Today i went to a toy shop and bought bribes galore. Yes I caved. Dor.a crap, a pink princess thing, even a big fluffy dog so that she might get some comfort. I caved big time.

So, tired, smelly and longing for respite, I bid you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

And wait there's more. Binky bye bye



The dentist told mimi she had to give her binky's to the binky fairy.  We have negotiated a partial release (blue binky can go but pink butterfly needs to be in escrow).  She went to bed and she is binky free.


Potty training and binky bye bye all in one week,

I should buy a lottery ticket

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Potttttttyyyyyyyyyy training

Why does my bathroom smell of poo? I can't find any anywhere. I got back from work around 8pm and thought - mmmm bath maybe?

Instead I was like a damn blood hound!

I gave up.

Then I thought … poo. Potty. Potty training.

I found the smell. Its pooy clothing in the 'stink bin' (a bin we keep for late night puke laden clothing).

So. That. Means. They. Are….


And sure enough. My husband showed me the photo's of very happy little fella peeing into the potty with gay abandon (must remember to get more lysol) and there was little gal, happily watching tv while crouching on her throne.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pre K = Harvard, are we getting ready for a year of blossoming?

Statistically getting into a public preK in NYC is harder than getting into Harvard! Well, thanks to the new mayor we now have  4 options. 4. 4!!!!

So unless something wild happens it looks like my big kids will be in school starting in September.

Feel like we won the firkin' lottery. Uhmazin'

Which leads me to… weight loss surgery.

Yeah I know. Hey, it's my blog :)

I don't want to be the fat mum. Not now or later or anytime but the10K running, hiking, swimming, energetic mum.  I've been to the blogs and vblogs that you guys recommended (THANK YOU) and they were amazing.

So I am waiting to hear when my consult is.  Perhaps as my kids grow I will shrink.

DH isn't totally over the moon and most of my friends think it's ridiculous but if I'd listened to people before I wouldn't have my kids, now would I.

Wow, am I really considering this?!

One of the biggest factors was how much energy and how happier everyone seems to get. They all wobble post op. Then they get inpatient and then the weight starts dropping as they make healthier choices and then … like butterflies they emerge from under the 'weight' and seem to be so happy.