Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pre K = Harvard, are we getting ready for a year of blossoming?

Statistically getting into a public preK in NYC is harder than getting into Harvard! Well, thanks to the new mayor we now have  4 options. 4. 4!!!!

So unless something wild happens it looks like my big kids will be in school starting in September.

Feel like we won the firkin' lottery. Uhmazin'

Which leads me to… weight loss surgery.

Yeah I know. Hey, it's my blog :)

I don't want to be the fat mum. Not now or later or anytime but the10K running, hiking, swimming, energetic mum.  I've been to the blogs and vblogs that you guys recommended (THANK YOU) and they were amazing.

So I am waiting to hear when my consult is.  Perhaps as my kids grow I will shrink.

DH isn't totally over the moon and most of my friends think it's ridiculous but if I'd listened to people before I wouldn't have my kids, now would I.

Wow, am I really considering this?!

One of the biggest factors was how much energy and how happier everyone seems to get. They all wobble post op. Then they get inpatient and then the weight starts dropping as they make healthier choices and then … like butterflies they emerge from under the 'weight' and seem to be so happy.

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  1. Did I already post about weight loss surgery? I would say my family's experience with it has been meh. I had a relative get it. He lost a lot of weight, but he's still very overweight, because he makes the same poor lifestyle choices (too sedentary and eats junk food). Honestly, it was really scary when he was going through it--it's major surgery. I was worried he was going to die. And now, I can't really say it's worth it. He's lost weight, but it wasn't life-changing, because HE hasn't changed. He's still obese. Honestly, I would hire a trainer and a dietician before I considered doing the surgery. I think people see the surgery as an easy fix, but you really still have to address the underlying stuff. And with two small kids, will you really take on those surgical risks?