Saturday, March 30, 2013

Me SHHHH too

BWUB just took a  'it never happened' day. A day where everyone thinks you are somewhere else but in fact you are sitting quietly by yourself breathing deeply and enjoying the day.

It would appear we are in sync on that one.

I told work I had a medical thing on Thursday but had to rest up Friday. I didn't. I had a job interview (for practice sake more than anything) and Friday we all just snuggled down and where family together.

Today was all mine with the kids.

We are big in to trains right now. We spend quite the slice of time saying hi to the 6 train. The great thing is there are some 'tunnels' to walk though to get to the subway. The tunnel is the over hang that construction workers have to put up to cover the pavement for pedestrians. We walked through the same one about 40574 times. Then we went to see the volcano (thanks for the steam repair pipes ConEd) then we went down 30 steps to the 6 train and waved at 'Thomas's cousins' .

Walking up and down 30 steps a couple of times a day really knackers the kids. It's great.

We also visited dad at work. That is always fun since there are lots of ipads and fun things.

It would appear I have overcome my 'i can't get out with the kids' phase of the past few months. Wonder if it has anything to do with mad dog (aka boss) being away for 2 weeks or the arrival of spring?

Let this feeling last forever. Please.

How are you ?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Full sentences make life interesting

With two 2.5yr olds life is a little hectic. I notice that my friends navigating parenthood with a single child are way more patient, educational and honestly aware of what is going on.  What foods  do my guys like? Makes no difference - you eat or don't up to you! We can't afford to have two picky eaters.
Can my kid speak three languages and perform a perfect pas de deux?  RAOTFLMAO

I am happy to say my kids are bucking the trend of the over achieving New York Toddler Syndrome. They can read basic books but I'm not sure if it isn't good memory (if you know what I mean). They sing, dance and dress up but all in our living room coz at $1000 for 8 weeks of classes we .... oh you know the refrain.

However, Mimi is in full blown chatterbox mode and is (gulp) the characteristic spitting image of her mum.  Bossy, chatty, opinionated and may I say jut a little bright.

Pip. Well, he's Just William. If there is mischief to be had, he is in the middle of it. Or he's parking his collection of toy cars and trucks.

Having way too much fun!

Wish I could get some sleep tho.

How's life? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

where plans are made and hopes are fanned

I've met with various folks about my plan of going solo. Each and everyone of them thinks it's a top idea. Some have their own businesses and others are would be clients.  I would be spending most of my time on content rather than the endless bulls"t politics. How heaven.

My hopes are just above 'are you crazy' and way below 'take the plunge'!

One step closer to taking the plunge.

At the moment my kids, covered in ice pop yuk from breakfast , are zooming cars all over the walls making tiny little tracks. Oh now, they are pushing all the books of the reading table. Excellent. Time for the clean up song????

OMG. Mimi has gone to the arts cupboard and got the crayons out, Pip got the paper and now they are drawing. WOW. 

Friday, March 15, 2013


I am meeting and talking and lining things up. If I can sell 4 contracts I am out of there. YUP.  Mind you, there might not be there for much longer. So far this week three folks quit and one nearly did.  know of three more VP's waiting it out.

Feeling quite good about the world right now.

Kids are fanbloodytastic right now.  Pip like to dance. I think its dancing. He is kind of shuffles and grooves. Mimi is in full "I'm cute and I know it' mode.  Oh and "no! [arms crossed] no more _____"anything and everything.

I can't help but LMAO when she is in full mode.

So. It's Friday.  I have a plan. I'm with my lovely family (kids washed and getting sleepy therefore moving at only half warp speed) and my terrible boss is away for a WHOLE WEEK.

Thanks for your support everyone.

Stay tuned :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

What do you think ?

I feel like I'm missing out on my kids early years just a bit too much. If I am home then I am in recovery from another day in 'Survivor' office! Seriously, that place is so dreadful.


I have worked out how much I would have to earn as a freelancer to make the same money as I presently make. I also worked out a 'float'  business model where based on series of small retainers that run over a 12 month period we float our family finances. I also reached out to some old colleagues to as for their advice about the whole thing. Our financial advisor has looked over everything and confirmed the numbers.

Am I really considering  this? Setting up a company of my own? Working FROM HOME which fills me with utter joy and longing. I would spend time with my kids. I would work on interesting projects. I would not be where I am now.  Walking away from security, even if it is miserable security?

I could even do the one thing that I have been dreaming about since I had the kids and set up a group home pre-school class. I would help the teacher whenever I could which, lets face it, if you're at home...

It feels so risky. But actually the right thing.

Oh I don't know.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cat seat update.

Thanks for the advice on the car seats. I think we are going with just hiring some in the uk. We can get two light weight strollers for the rest of the journey.

More expensive I suppose. Well, actually probably not. Anyway, its easier and that is all that matters right now. We're all so tired, every one of us.

What's going on with you?