Saturday, March 30, 2013

Me SHHHH too

BWUB just took a  'it never happened' day. A day where everyone thinks you are somewhere else but in fact you are sitting quietly by yourself breathing deeply and enjoying the day.

It would appear we are in sync on that one.

I told work I had a medical thing on Thursday but had to rest up Friday. I didn't. I had a job interview (for practice sake more than anything) and Friday we all just snuggled down and where family together.

Today was all mine with the kids.

We are big in to trains right now. We spend quite the slice of time saying hi to the 6 train. The great thing is there are some 'tunnels' to walk though to get to the subway. The tunnel is the over hang that construction workers have to put up to cover the pavement for pedestrians. We walked through the same one about 40574 times. Then we went to see the volcano (thanks for the steam repair pipes ConEd) then we went down 30 steps to the 6 train and waved at 'Thomas's cousins' .

Walking up and down 30 steps a couple of times a day really knackers the kids. It's great.

We also visited dad at work. That is always fun since there are lots of ipads and fun things.

It would appear I have overcome my 'i can't get out with the kids' phase of the past few months. Wonder if it has anything to do with mad dog (aka boss) being away for 2 weeks or the arrival of spring?

Let this feeling last forever. Please.

How are you ?


  1. Good for you. You ladies are inspiring me. I have $300 in spa gift cards and haven't been to one in, gosh, 2 years?

    I am going to find a way to go. Mama needs a facial.

  2. Hurray for you...and us!...taking a well-deserved day! I love that you say hi to the trains. In my neighborhood, Scout likes to wave to the garbage trucks. Fortunately, most of the drivers remember how exciting big trucks are to little boys, and they will often honk the horn or wave back. Scout loves it.

    Ordinary things through the eyes of a child are wondrous, eh?