Friday, March 29, 2013

Full sentences make life interesting

With two 2.5yr olds life is a little hectic. I notice that my friends navigating parenthood with a single child are way more patient, educational and honestly aware of what is going on.  What foods  do my guys like? Makes no difference - you eat or don't up to you! We can't afford to have two picky eaters.
Can my kid speak three languages and perform a perfect pas de deux?  RAOTFLMAO

I am happy to say my kids are bucking the trend of the over achieving New York Toddler Syndrome. They can read basic books but I'm not sure if it isn't good memory (if you know what I mean). They sing, dance and dress up but all in our living room coz at $1000 for 8 weeks of classes we .... oh you know the refrain.

However, Mimi is in full blown chatterbox mode and is (gulp) the characteristic spitting image of her mum.  Bossy, chatty, opinionated and may I say jut a little bright.

Pip. Well, he's Just William. If there is mischief to be had, he is in the middle of it. Or he's parking his collection of toy cars and trucks.

Having way too much fun!

Wish I could get some sleep tho.

How's life? 

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