Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Binky potties

OK. Here we go. Let the judgements reign.

How do we get the binky away from Mimi? And how do potty train toddler twins. I have tried every known trick in the book. NADA

So, consider this the end of my tether cry for help.

Kids are 3 and we apply for preK this year. If they aint potty trained they aint going.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ted Hughes was only partially right.

Well, the trip went very well folks and I am so proud of my kids. It takes an age to get to the remote part of the world my folks live in.  Did my teenie two blink an eye? No. My international traveling lovelies just kept on moving with us till we all got to the peace and quiet of the Yorkshire countryside. We returned to the bog snow storm in NY. Was that an experience! They cried but they got through it. Good little ones.

For those of you that haven't been to remote Yorkshire land it is wet and muddy. On one walk I had two little kids wrapped around me whilst I slowly sank into knee deep thick muddy puddle. Turns out they quite like puddle jumping!   Every time we went went for a walk the first thing they did was jump in the deepest muckiest puddle they could find!

The UK family dynamics were a little strained. It's really challenging to see such vibrant and successful people struggling so hard with the aging process. And it was really hard saying goodbye. At this point I feel the distance between us so very deeply.  I can't just pop by.  They see their grandkids in spurts. The historical drama gets crammed into a few days and so becomes incredibly intense.  Such a complicated time. I miss them but I am relieved to be back in my life where I am not working hard not to be wounded.

Fun stuff:

Pip discovered the coolness that is Spiderman. Mimi mastered whining. Dear lord is that annoying.
We mastered the art of improvised nappies since we ran out three hours into a 12 hour travel day (don't ask).
Pip learnt to use a fork to eat spaghetti.
Mimi learnt to write a few letters and I swear she can read words.
Nephew (9) and kids were as thick as thieves and now Pip keeps saying "I miss my cousin) ahhhhh
We didn't watch TV at all.
Mimi really likes to cook

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 - what animal is it?

Well the holiday season was great fun and we got through the darkest months with love, joy and fun. I am always amazed and extremely grateful for this little tribe I'm part of. We might not be a big tribe but we certainly got lots of love.

On the flip side my folks are both not doing so well. My mother is in worse shape than my father both in heart, mind and body which means we decided to cash in some savings and go over sooner rather than later.  The threat of serious events is real but not immediate. However, my kids have been with their grandparents a total of 4 times total in their lives. Of course visiting the north of England in January is not exactly a beach vacation but I don't care - its the cheapest time to go.

Although the anxiety of traveling with two toddlers is daunting it's also less anxiety ridden. We've done this a four times now - each time they handle it well. We have to take two planes and a car ride to my folks house. Amazingly the car ride is the worse for the kids. They get car sick. I am getting little travel bands for them - the motion sickness ones (if I can find them) but any advice warmly received.

After such a lovely couple of weeks with my little tribe I have to say I'm a little apprehensive about returning 'home'. I love my folks and they love me but boy is it stressful. Lots of therapy for all of us would be great but since we are not only English but from Yorkshire that would never happen. So the old issues swirl and bubble and hiccup and trip me up when least expecting.

This trip I will not succumb to the eating relief. Usually, I keep it together all day and then at night tuck in to foods from my childhood in an unhealthy way.  That shall not be happening. I am taking my sneakers and running gear (we have to cheek luggage anyway) and will resolve things for myself in as a healthy a way as possible.

Wish me luck!