Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Binky potties

OK. Here we go. Let the judgements reign.

How do we get the binky away from Mimi? And how do potty train toddler twins. I have tried every known trick in the book. NADA

So, consider this the end of my tether cry for help.

Kids are 3 and we apply for preK this year. If they aint potty trained they aint going.



  1. Binky - poked holes in them and then he started to hate them because there was no suction. Potty training - We tried two months before my son turned three by doing the lauded boot camp, running around with no underwear. Then underwear, etc. After showing that he could totally do it, he just refused. He would scream bloody murder. We tried everything under the sun too. I finally decided to back off. We dabbled a few times in the in-between months. He told me flat out "I like diapers." Over the holidays I figured out that he loved ghirardelli chocolate squares. We were going to be home over the holidays so I completely bribed him while nicely insisting that he could only wear underwear during the day. I couldn't believe it actually worked, but it did. I think for us the key was 1) backing off until he was a little more ready and 2) finding the right bribe! Don't despair, you'll find something that works! xxx

  2. Agree with Jencini. We did not even try until our son was 3 and three months. We set up a sticker chart and stayed home for the weekend. We bribed him with small toys that he REALLY wanted. It worked! Binky - he would still have it but my MIL "cured" him while his Mommy was away for a week for work. Don't feel bad. You are not alone!

  3. I agree, wait until ready even if it is pushing up against the preK deadline. You've got 6+ months, I say wait a few more. It's like they know when we need something to happen and push back just to push back. With my daughter, she all of a sudden figured it out. My son turns 3 in March and he's not there yet. Hang in there!

  4. Hi! Been following you for years! Have twin boys almost 4 and just moved to the UK- finally putting my life back together! In any case- here is what I did:
    1) binkis- sold one of them on the fact that a baby needed them much more than he did. Peppered him with these thoughts for about a month. Then a friend with a baby came over and he offered them up. His brother said no way. I made a chart- for every 2 nights they went with out their binki it meant they got a small toy or book out of the special box. After seeing one do it- the other followed suit. It was rough. Bedtime was easier than nap. Naps almost went away for a little bit until they learned how to self sooth again. It did eventually turn back to normal.
    potty: stuck 2 frog pottys (fisher price) in the living room/kitchen at 3 years old. When we were home they were in underwear. When we went out (only at the beginning) I put the diaper back on. Then I got brave and had them go with out diapers on outings. In order to get them to sit on the potty I did a sticker chart. If they put 7 stickers on the smiley faces- they would get a toy. They were fascinated with Jake and the neverland pirates so I got them anything related to that. If they filled the sticker chart they get the toy. Period. They have to pee or poop on the potty. No sticker for just trying and nothing.

    I'm not going to lie. Potty training was hell. One always showed more interest than the other and we did have some regression- especially when going through a big change so expect it when they go to school.

    I wish you luck and I'm so happy you are doing well. I was following you when you were going through your cycles. Let us know how you get on!
    B (formerly clean slate)

  5. Hello EB! No judgment here. It is SO hard with one, let alone twins. My twins turned 3 last September. I spent the whole summer potty training them for the start of preschool. It was torture. I sent my poor kids in underwear their first day of school which was for 1 hour. My poor daughter peed a HUGE puddle through her underwear, leggings, and skort within 5 minutes. We have been in pull ups in school and out on errands ever since. My kids were not impressed by stickers or little toys. We had to use M&Ms as a reward for peeing and eventually phased it out. Now they are pooping on little potties in living room and I am phasing out the (hanging head in shame) lollipop reward they get. This leads to the problem of one crying when they don’t get a lollipop when the other poops. It’s hell!) You have to find what motivates your kiddos. If possible, I suggest you try to nix the little potties at this point if you don’t have them and try to get them to sit on the toilet. Or put the potties next to the toilet. Because, now, besides looking for total consistent peeing and pooping on potty which are located in the living room, I have to try to phase out the little potty and go exclusively in the bathroom. My 1st floor bathroom is too small to fit even one potty. Ay yay yay!
    My only success was the binky. I had read a magazine article about 20 years ago that said to snip a little piece off of it every night until the nipple is gone. Daughter loved the one piece they give you in hospital. Son had a nipple with a plastic attachment so I made sure it was extremely secure and nipple wasn’t going to pop off. Son took the first suck on the damaged one and yelled “It’s broke!” He threw it on the floor and ran away. Done! Daughter sucked on that binky until I had cut the last prominent piece off after about 4 days. She had gradually weaned herself because it hadn’t been soothing for a while. And she didn’t make a peep when it was completely gone. Best of luck! Kathy