Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shakespeare the thing

I'm directing a Shakespeare workshop tonight. Shakespeare had three kids two of which were twins by the age of 21.

He wrote great farce's and comedies about twins - comedy of errors, twelfth night  etc. Just realized that now!

 He wrote comedies until the death of his twin son, Hamnet.  Then he wrote Hamlet.

I've also been asked  to direct a reading of the play about twin kids.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Running towards or away?

I might wobble, I might jiggle and I might turn the color of a lobster but when I put my mind to something .... I ran at my top speed today and hit the 2 mile mark super fast. Goal is 5K in 30 mins so getting there.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Out of the blue I was contacted by a company that has a great reputation to come in to 'chat'. Long story short I did and they called me back immediately and asked me to meet everyone else.

Here's my dilemma. I love the freelance life. I have my little business and so far I've hit my numbers every month without too much madness. I even have a pipeline!  Someone is even thinking of buying 3 days of my time per week for a prolonged time which would be perfect!
I love working from home. I love hearing the kids next door and our time together. I love being able to go to classes and plan outings. I miss working in teams, regular and long term objectives and the trappings that go with a FT job.

My wise friend told me to worry about what to do when I actually get offered a full time job!  The trade off at the moment is career vs income. Having a career used to mean having job security. Not not so much. However, having full time employment means income, nice and steady,  and of course paid vacations :-)

It also means longer days where I don't get to go to the gym.

Ah well. It's a nice problem to have for sure.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Back on the wagon... sort of

Thanks for the comments. It makes the world of difference. I went back at the gym, eating well (except for a little slip last night) and the comments really helped.

It's amazing how different exercising post baby is. It's three years (nearly) and I am all hips and boobs and belly. I know it all bounces up and down when I run so looked on line for new gear  - the stuff that holds you up, in and firm!

What exercise have you found works for you as you get older and your body changes? I love running but I can only do it every other day otherwise my bones will pack in. I find yoga too slow. What have you tried that work?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weight what? !

Oh dear.

It would appear I have gained a whole lot of weight.  Many more than just a few. Like 30. OH MY GWAD.


I know what I need to do. I've done it before. Gym. Log. WW.

Oh but I don't want to. I want to be like everyone else. Whaaaaaaa.

Right. Pity party over.

I will work out a way to go back to WW.
I will get back on that really hard-work but worth it wagon.
I'll grow up and eat healthy and set the best example I can for my kids.

Help me folks. Help me get started on this asap.

Friday, July 19, 2013

We won!

I have never been the type of person to win things. I'm undeservedly lucky in the big things  (husband, kids, life, love etc) but just 'raffle ticket winning' kind of lucky.

Until now!

We just won $350 of stuff  on some fancy shoe line from Look/com (diapers.com etc). I was totally skeptical at first and but today we got the code and we bought the kids really nice looking shoes. And really freakin' expensive if you ask me.

To put this in context - we normally buy shoes from pay less and clothing has to be under $10!

We bought lovely sandals and shoes that should last the kids ... weeks! No seriously, I bought larger sizes to cover off winter and next summer.

Hope this is the start of a lucky streak. I was just on the DOE website and the enrollment process to getting the kids into preK has me munching on the emergency chocolate.

we won :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1000 post wait what? I read the ticker wrong. WTF!

I was all geared up to revisit the high and lows of posting 1000 blurbs about being infertile, a mum, miscarriage, pregnancy, marriage and what not. It was going to be freakin' epic.

But it turns out that my score board ticker that i use to keep track of the aforementioned posts included those that I started and never actually published.

Ah crap!

Oh well. 

I guess I should stop typing and go see what mayhem the kids are causing in their bedroom. It sounds like a cross between an all out WWF slam down and an opera. 

Oh I'm sure they're fine. 

Next week will be great fun. I have only one day of contracted work (after many weeks of a long and hard project) and I am really looking forward to going to class, swimming, painting and generally enjoying my kids. 

Maybe I will post 300 posts next week so I can post my epic journey through memory lane. 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

swimming soups

Mimi love to swim - or splash with intent. I have been unlucky in trying to find a decent swim class in NYC that a) doesn't cost $1000 and b) demands that we attend at 5.30am on a Wednesday.

So, anyway, tonight I was looking at the local outdoor pool that just reopened. Mimi was sitting next to me and immediately started with the 'iwanna' whine. Then she presented me with her swimming soup. "Help me put on my swimming soup, please mamma" I laughed so hard I snorted.

Pip has an interesting pronunciation approach. Mostly he doesn't bother so its like a game of guess what he's saying. Today he said "f+ckman"over and over. Believe it or not that was a request for a yogurt. The folks in the cafe were just looking at me like I was the worst mother in the world. Once I worked it out I said loudly " yogurt, he was just saying yogurt"s

I love this age. Yes, its really freakin' exhausting. It's also brilliant fun. We ran around like loons today ( I was a deranged 'octpaneald' (turns out that's an octopus)) and they were little fishes trying to escape. I mean, c'mon that is pure fun!

OK, it's time to go in and cover them with their blankies, wish them goodnight and get the 'goodbye mommie's' from each. Damn I love being a mum.