Sunday, July 28, 2013

Running towards or away?

I might wobble, I might jiggle and I might turn the color of a lobster but when I put my mind to something .... I ran at my top speed today and hit the 2 mile mark super fast. Goal is 5K in 30 mins so getting there.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Out of the blue I was contacted by a company that has a great reputation to come in to 'chat'. Long story short I did and they called me back immediately and asked me to meet everyone else.

Here's my dilemma. I love the freelance life. I have my little business and so far I've hit my numbers every month without too much madness. I even have a pipeline!  Someone is even thinking of buying 3 days of my time per week for a prolonged time which would be perfect!
I love working from home. I love hearing the kids next door and our time together. I love being able to go to classes and plan outings. I miss working in teams, regular and long term objectives and the trappings that go with a FT job.

My wise friend told me to worry about what to do when I actually get offered a full time job!  The trade off at the moment is career vs income. Having a career used to mean having job security. Not not so much. However, having full time employment means income, nice and steady,  and of course paid vacations :-)

It also means longer days where I don't get to go to the gym.

Ah well. It's a nice problem to have for sure.


  1. Hi EB,

    I agree. When they offer you a job (which we all know they will) worry about it.

    BUT, sounds like your business is doing well, you are obviously excellent at what you do, and have an amazing reputation. Now you have a nice family/work balance and are able to spend a little (long overdue) time on yourself. Enjoy it, my dear.

    You know that the grass is always greener, promises promises, and then wham!!! you are working til 9 PM, 7 days a week, you get a psycho b**ch boss (sound familiar)and then all goes to hell.

    Just my unsolicited two cents.

    Love, your longtime reader and great admirer,

  2. Yeah, don't borrow trouble. See it through, see what happens, do a Ben Franklin if you are offered the job, make an informed decision.

    Bravo, mama!