Thursday, July 11, 2013

1000 post wait what? I read the ticker wrong. WTF!

I was all geared up to revisit the high and lows of posting 1000 blurbs about being infertile, a mum, miscarriage, pregnancy, marriage and what not. It was going to be freakin' epic.

But it turns out that my score board ticker that i use to keep track of the aforementioned posts included those that I started and never actually published.

Ah crap!

Oh well. 

I guess I should stop typing and go see what mayhem the kids are causing in their bedroom. It sounds like a cross between an all out WWF slam down and an opera. 

Oh I'm sure they're fine. 

Next week will be great fun. I have only one day of contracted work (after many weeks of a long and hard project) and I am really looking forward to going to class, swimming, painting and generally enjoying my kids. 

Maybe I will post 300 posts next week so I can post my epic journey through memory lane. 



  1. Next week sounds fun

  2. You ARE epic no matter how many posts you publish :)