Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday lovely Sunday

The sun is shining and I slept like a log for many, many hours last night. The apartment is tidy (ish) which makes me soooo happy. I had my weekly cappuccino (decaf of course) and had a HUGE bowl of the healthy Cheerios this am.

This is a great Sunday morning.

I ought to go swimming before the tedious and long work call this afternoon but I am being super lazy today. If I didn't need to shave my legs...! Good an excuse as any. AH well. I shall try and go tomorrow.

Question of the day: Are there any twin moms out there that were able to work past 28 weeks? I need to work to about 35 weeks if possible.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

IF tango

I see Dr K on Thursday to see if the little ones are OK. I haven't gone this long without seeing them. Of course I'm doing the IF tango. "I don't feel pregnant, OK maybe I do, but still, you never know, oh my ..."

Wish I could kick myself up the damn arse.

I am still in two minds about the Doppler. Just not sure what I would do if ...

I am in a very strange place. And thankful everyday I have DH, he looks after me in a special way.

Here's a funny DH story. He made me breakfast this morning. 2 boiled eggs, toast and tea. YUMMY. He really is very sweet. Unfortunately the eggs and bread were a bit old, he served everything on a plate (without egg cups) with a fork!!!! I didn't say anything just got the egg cups and spoon, because it was such a lovely gesture.

And you know, I bet next time he gets it perfectly right.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am busy at work which is great. I like being busy. It also means I have lots of cab time since I visit many clients during the day. In the cab I have what I call my 'thoughtings' time - used to say that as a kid and it stuck. What I clearly mean is I day dream. Today's daydream was so wonderful I just have to share it.

I am in the room we have set aside for the little ones. (It's a lovely room, with a great view, which for NYC is something. We have an old apartment and the windows are really cute.) Anyhow, there I am, in the room with the two cribs, two bouncy chairs and two babies. They are asleep in their bouncy chairs and I am dozing on my new and rather splendid rocker. I can see their little heads, round and soft and perfect. I can see their little feet and hands, relaxed in that 'I'm a baby and I don't care' type of way. They have on cute baby clothes. I'm rocking their little bouncy seats with my feet, just looking at them. It's quiet (for now, I know) and we are all peaceful. Oh and I have a venti Cappuccino w/extra shots next to me!

That is version number one.

The second version is my folks come to visit, the kids are here and all healthy, the apartment is full of people who are all baby mad and the babies are loving it! My dad is a gift with crying babies and I can just see him walking one of them around the apartment my mom just loves to cook and she will love to use the chef's kitchen we have (and NEVER use). DH and I got some extra sleep and feel great and we are all planning where to take the little ones the next day.

I know. In reality we will be stressed, sleep deprived and yelling at each other. But a girl can dream can't she!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you guys rock

(hello new person, and thank you for signing up!)

Panic has abated. We are both just, well you know, kinda gliding along. Dh said last night that he doesn't want to buy anything till much further down the line, or change the studio out too early, or have showers etc .... just in case.

Got it.

As for me - I will still spend my days pretending to work in my office whilst surfing the web for cribs and crap.

I managed to go to choir last night. We have about 5 rehearsal till concert and do I know the score -ha ha ha ha ha. Oh well. I will learn what I can and fake the rest. I may need a chair to sit on during the concert! Last night I got so tired I nearly passed out at one point. We're singing the Brahms German, if anyone is interested.

I also got some fake maternity clothes from JJill. They have big sizes so I just got nice stuff that is too big and I'll get it altered to fit the oncoming bump and the rest of my flabby ass body. Anyone else notice their hips grew hips?? I used to work out quite a bit and I don't like my flabby self right now. I shall start swimming as often as I can - little and often should do the trick. Wonder when I'll get the go ahead for prenatal yoga??

Ohh that means maternity work out gear - more internetting!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmmmn panic

We have to buy so much stuff. We have to get our house baby-proofed - whatever the crap that is. We have to have classes through the hospital and my friend wants me to use her Douala (I'm having a C Section!! ) and oh my god how are we going to organize all this???

Here is my thinking.

BIG piece of paper (stolen from work).
Write the months out like a huge calendar.
In each month have an appointments section, a research section, a 'buy now' section, and a testing and stages section. We put it up in the hallway and tick off when we do something.
On a companion piece of paper we write the contacts of all the health care and baby care professionals we have to deal with.

I wasn't going to have a shower but there is so much stuff that it kinda makes sense from an organization point of view. Maybe we can put all the non expensive items on the list?

Are there baby planners? Like wedding planners? Maybe I should just hire someone to do the thinking for us since we are totally disorganized. Yeah, throw money at the problem!!!! If we had had a wedding planner maybe we would have put the right address on the invites.

Oh indeed, and we are having twins!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We told ... lots of folks.

Thanks to Sproggie and sproggielittle for an award! If I wasn't such a Luddite I would know how to upload the cool picture. I'm swamped with work this afternoon but the moment I get a chance I'll do the written assignment.

So, we told my folks. They went ..... well, quiet. Then burst into tears, and stuttered stuff. They are delighted and bowled over. They phoned again today and told me they hadn't slept. I know my mum is mired in emotional panic right now, she suffered such deep emotional scars from her own life.

Brother was lovely. SIL was... oh silly cow, whatever.

It's been lovely though, really. And now DH is hot on the perfect crib, changing table etc. He spent hours researching the best strollers!!!

Ahhhhhh. we'ze preggers. yes we are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

this just in....

I had the blood test and the ultrasound. The NT measurements were super and the blood came back clear as a bell.
1 in 10,000 chance of downs.



I am over the bloody moon right now.

They were so funny ... the beans are positioned one on top of the other and the bottom one keep kicking and punching the one on top who in turn starts bouncing up and down and smacking his bum into the other's head. We were in hysterics watching it.

Oh guys, I am in my second frikkin' trimester. I have NEVER got this far. I have never been so lucky or blessed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More food please

Everyone is telling me how thin I look. What now!! I am eating for England. I'll take it, though. It may be that they are reacting to my new hair cut!

So, food last night was a triumph. Green beef curry. OMG. Seriously, how much joy can a curry bring. For some reason I was super tired last night and didn't go to choir, again. I went home in the cold wet snow, shivering and moaning. Got in, put on toasty clothes and ordered Thai. And why the hell not. I was feeling queasy but I thought, food always helps.
It did. The coconut milk with the meat and rice was just divine. It soothed, it filled and I was soon away in ZZZZZZZ land. I slept till 4 when my fat cat was all over me wanting her breakfast. Little bugger.

One more day till my 12th week. Wow. I am not really worried about tomorrow's NT test. I guess its because my donor was 23. And, if the truth be told, we have a plan B based on personal experience so all the decisions have been made. Will it be a HUGE relief to know all is well? Of course. In every way. But I have already accepted that nothing is for sure in the land of IF pregnancy and I have been given 12 weeks already, 12 weeks of watching beans grow. That in itself is pretty damn special.

Good luck to Jill - beta day. Oh please, universe, be generous and kind to this wonderful women.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 days to go ...

... to the big 12 week mark. I find myself nervous. So silly really, when I have had all the reassurance one could want. I am very excited about being able to tell people. I hate the sneaking around of this first trimester. I have a belly, for sure. I can't sit flush against the desk now. he he he . Love it. I will tell my work colleagues (they are all bitching that I am not travelling this year) and choir friends, family and anyone else who'll listen :-)

Dh can't come for the NT scan. He is totally bummed. He seems to have missed all the big things in this pregnancy so far. Maybe fate is just saving him up for the end where it really matters. He was so sweet this morning. I was tossing and turning in bed (uncomfortable and hot) and he lay there stroking my head and back till I went back to sleep. Ahhhhhhhh. For valentines day he got me a pen covered in hearts (one for each member of our expanding household). I left hints about a heart shaped pendent for my necklace from my favourite designer but clearly he ignored them!!!! Ah hell, I'll take the pen.

Questions of the day: When will I start to feel them? All I have now are sharp growing pains. And I don't have a doppler yet. Should I get one????

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jumpin' Jelly Beans!!

Best day ever. I went to see Dr J today and we got to see the jelly beans. One measures 11w5d (one day ahead - clearly a genius) and the other one ... 12w2d!!! Seriously folks, this little one is not so little anymore. Rugby player I think.

Anyhow, this is the 'best day ever' news. Dr J was trying to get to the 12w2d baby who is positioned high and the little bugger started jumping! S/he pushed off the placenta and started bouncing up and down!!!! Oh man, even Dr J shrieked with delight. "Wow, so strong!" she said. It was so totally cool. Jumping up and down. Dancing was cool but bungee jumping was the delightful.

We have our NT ultrasound this Thursday (unless I can get them to move it up) and that will be the last time I get to see them until March 2nd. Am I concerned? A little but I have learnt to give up to this whole process. What can I do? If I worry now will it change the outcome? They are moving around and growing well so hopefully that is a good sign.

Oh and here are the results on the anti-blak research.
Eating ever 2 hours really helps
Get up and don't lie down (sleep sitting up)
Go for a walk before and after food (with plastic bags if needed)
Preggo pops/drops - amazing!
Grapefruit followed by saltines first thing in the morning
Snack on protein.
Raisin bran for ... well, you know

So thank you fellows - you got me through blak Olympics!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sesame Tofu

Nearing the 12th week and I was reading that I need to eat or take more iron. I prefer to try to eat iron and so I got a list of foods recommended in the wonderful Twins, Trips and Quads book. It suggested banana's, tofu, lean dark meats and pork. Does that sound like a menu for a Vietnamese restaurant or what.
So for valentines day we went to a place called Kelly & Pings. I had a pork wrap and Sesame Tofu. Twice!! Yes, I was ravenous. An hour later and I am wondering if I shall every eat again !!!! Oh sesame tofu was just magical. The first time in 11 weeks that I have eaten something with actual taste. What with my new haircut, lunch with my lovely and my hamstring pain in remission.. I am a happy rabbit today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is this new hell...

OK that title is a tiny bit dramatic. I think I either have an upset stomach of the non pregnant variety or this is what it feels like for the uterus to stretch. Either way, feel yukky. Like a rumbling crampiness - not all the time. But every so often I feel like I have to get to the loo then ... nada. Is this constipation!! I don't think I've ever had it before?? Well, wouldn't that be embarrassing. Yes, Eb, that is constipation!

So I have been told to take extra Iron and Folic Acid. Can anyone tell me which Iron is the best to take? I heard that iron supplements can make you all bunged up and give you a wicked stomach ache. Any help would be lovely, thank you. I already take Prenatal Elite but I am guessing it has only a singleton measure. Oh I think Dr Google shall have to be consulted.

Have a great weekend y'all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have graduated ... kind of. I am now signed up with Dr K at Cornell (although I will still see Dr J periodically). It was such a culture shock being back in the Cornell race. Everything happens at top notch speed once you see a doc. Dr K rattled a number of things off at me and hell, all I can remember is that I need to start taking iron and folic acid supplements.
We decided not to do the CVS coz the donor was so young. We are doing the neck measurement next week (and I did my blood today). Then the amnio in a few weeks time.

BIg News: We may find out the genders on Monday or Wednesday. What are we thinking?? I think boy/girl just because that is most statistically common. Hey! I'm a researcher by nature ;-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

nearly 11 weeks

11 weeks!

The last time I was pregnant I found out that we had a blighted ovum at 11 weeks. My OB didn't want to see me until 12 weeks because of my age. In fact, the first thing he said to me when we did the office pregnancy test and it came back + was " the miscarriage rate is very high in your age range" I think I was 36, "so lets just see how this progresses and come back at 10 or 11 weeks". I miscarried on July 4th. He was nowhere to be found.

This time round I see dancing babies, BABIES, and have barfed my way around NYC. This time my doctor is on me like white on rice. This time I feel that each day is a gift, albeit a pukey one! On days like this, when I don't feel terrible, I can imagine why women like being pregnant!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ginger and bananas

seems to work. at least I'm at work which is an improvement. thank you folks. I ordered the morning sickness pops (thanks BWUB).

I saw them again yesterday - they were both dancing, little arms and fists pumping and little legs going for it. They looked so cute.

The computer gives me motion sickness at the moment (mmn) so I am reading everyone's blogs but having a hard time commenting however, yeah! for Kate, Bottoms and Jill who all had great ER or ET's. All the luck in the world to each and every one of you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

morning sickness weekend

oh Blak! BLAK!!

Any remedies? Any ideas?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day o' Rest

I took it easy and did couch potato thing today. Managed to work some but when I am inactive I get nausea so the day dragged a bit. I have done nothing and I am exhausted! I am not sure I could manage full bed rest, I have to be honest. It is so depressing just lying there!!!

It is supposed to snow tonight so I think I shall climb into bed and keep the blinds open to watch the snow fall as I doze off to sleep, surrounded by cats.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

finance day & baby sighting

So today was our big meeting with the Chairman, the President, the CFO and a bunch of hangers on. We have never had to go through this before and I assumed it was a meeting to let us know that we are surplus to requirements.

How wrong was I!

Our plan for the year was accepted and encouraged, we got a thumbs up from the Chairman and a pat on the head as we walked out the door.
If I wasn't 10 weeks pregnant I would be so drunk on champagne right now!!!!

That was the good news of the day.

The not so good news is that a tiny piece of baby A's placenta is outside the cervical canal and has detached (same bit as before but now its outside the canal). We are all hoping it will reattach but there is a chance that is will pull away even further, which would totally suck for both of us. Dr J gave me extra PIO shots and told me to take it easy.

have agreed to taking it Friday off and take it easy for the weekend. The only think I am going to go out for is choir on Saturday. There is nothing to do for the situation and the best scenario is that by 5 months baby A will have moved further up into the uterus and the placenta will be firmly attached. The other one is hiding away at the top so s/he is fine.

I saw feet today.

I am in love with them.

I am clearly over my shock at having twins

Please let me keep both. I promise to stop complaining and take nothing for granted.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post it note

I have a post it note next to my phone that reads ...

2 cribs
6 sets of bedding
2 high hairs
2 car seats
1 stroller for 2
1 changing table
1 diaper pale
1 dresser

isn't that the best list ever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh so that is fatigue...

I went to Philly yesterday for a 4 hour meeting. I slept well the night before. I ate small but high impact food throughout the day. I slept on the way home. But I crawled into bed at 5pm and didn't move till 7 this morning. Holy shit. What was that?? I have never felt so crap in all my life. I felt like someone pulled the damn plug out of me and all the power drained.

So, note to self. For the remainder of the pregnancy, and especially this first trimester, take it easy!!

I think my blood volume is ramping up - when does that happen? The reason I ask is that I may need to increase my antidepressant for it to be useful. I awoke after the longest night of sleep ever and felt blah - not happy, not sad, not high, not depressed just blah. Now blah might just be pregnant. I don't know.

I do know I am sitting at work in my Saturday clothes, my desk strewn with food and everyone thinks I have lost my mind.
Ask me if I give a shit ;-)