Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you guys rock

(hello new person, and thank you for signing up!)

Panic has abated. We are both just, well you know, kinda gliding along. Dh said last night that he doesn't want to buy anything till much further down the line, or change the studio out too early, or have showers etc .... just in case.

Got it.

As for me - I will still spend my days pretending to work in my office whilst surfing the web for cribs and crap.

I managed to go to choir last night. We have about 5 rehearsal till concert and do I know the score -ha ha ha ha ha. Oh well. I will learn what I can and fake the rest. I may need a chair to sit on during the concert! Last night I got so tired I nearly passed out at one point. We're singing the Brahms German, if anyone is interested.

I also got some fake maternity clothes from JJill. They have big sizes so I just got nice stuff that is too big and I'll get it altered to fit the oncoming bump and the rest of my flabby ass body. Anyone else notice their hips grew hips?? I used to work out quite a bit and I don't like my flabby self right now. I shall start swimming as often as I can - little and often should do the trick. Wonder when I'll get the go ahead for prenatal yoga??

Ohh that means maternity work out gear - more internetting!!!!


  1. Blogger Award!

  2. LOVE the German Requiem - and you should start feeling FABULOUS soon. Hopefully in time for the concert. Glad you are able to sing, it's so cool to think of the baby hearing that glorious music in there.

    When the time comes, don't kill yourself trying to fit into "big" clothes that aren't maternity things - maternity underwear is the bomb. Of course you will never use it again but it is so worth it for the months you need it!

  3. Please sit in a chair so you don't pass out during the performance! That's not the kind of attention you want!

    My only suggestion when you go to buy mat clothes is don't let those saleswomen talk you into buying a size that fits you perfectly NOW. I bought my mat pants a little big, with extra room in the hips and thighs. Because, yes, EB, hips can grow hips, and thighs grow thighs, and at this point, my once-roomy mat pants are nearly sausage tight! But, uh, it's all water weight. Right.