Thursday, February 4, 2010

finance day & baby sighting

So today was our big meeting with the Chairman, the President, the CFO and a bunch of hangers on. We have never had to go through this before and I assumed it was a meeting to let us know that we are surplus to requirements.

How wrong was I!

Our plan for the year was accepted and encouraged, we got a thumbs up from the Chairman and a pat on the head as we walked out the door.
If I wasn't 10 weeks pregnant I would be so drunk on champagne right now!!!!

That was the good news of the day.

The not so good news is that a tiny piece of baby A's placenta is outside the cervical canal and has detached (same bit as before but now its outside the canal). We are all hoping it will reattach but there is a chance that is will pull away even further, which would totally suck for both of us. Dr J gave me extra PIO shots and told me to take it easy.

have agreed to taking it Friday off and take it easy for the weekend. The only think I am going to go out for is choir on Saturday. There is nothing to do for the situation and the best scenario is that by 5 months baby A will have moved further up into the uterus and the placenta will be firmly attached. The other one is hiding away at the top so s/he is fine.

I saw feet today.

I am in love with them.

I am clearly over my shock at having twins

Please let me keep both. I promise to stop complaining and take nothing for granted.


  1. Oh hon, I am sorry you don't just have fabulous news. But Baby A obviously wants to hang around, hopefully s/he will hang on tight and scooch up a bit! Glad you saw the feet - I LOVE baby feet. Once they get to the teen years I am SOOO over it, but little feet are darling.

    Do not go to choir if you aren't up for it - this is bigger than choir (although I understand the NEED to get out!)

  2. I hope that placenta bit grabs back on and holds. Hang in there, Little A! Congrats on the good work news and now you really deserve to (and should) rest a bit. Allow visions of baby feet to dance in your head!

  3. wow - the job stuff is great! Sounds like you all had a strategy and presented it well and it worked!
    I'm rooting so hard for baby A to be okay and for the placenta to stay attached and to resolve itself.
    Thinking of you and hoping you can really put your feet up and relax:) And as for the baby feet - sweet!

  4. Hoping very very much that Baby A can hang in there. This sounds very similar to some of the placental detachment and previa I experienced early. Sending lots of positive vibes that things calm down in there and that your two little ones hold on tight. Oh, and YAY for cute and tiny little feet!

  5. Gosh what a mixed bag!
    Congratulations on the most excellent work success.
    And gosh darn about the placenta. I am with everyone here in wishing for the best possible outcome. Ohh! feet!
    Hope everyone decides to stick around (so sorry EB, this must totally suck to be dealing with and be scared about-- not being able to do anything about it sucks extra)
    please be gentle with yourself
    and sparkling cider is pretty yummy. I'm just sayin'.