Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have graduated ... kind of. I am now signed up with Dr K at Cornell (although I will still see Dr J periodically). It was such a culture shock being back in the Cornell race. Everything happens at top notch speed once you see a doc. Dr K rattled a number of things off at me and hell, all I can remember is that I need to start taking iron and folic acid supplements.
We decided not to do the CVS coz the donor was so young. We are doing the neck measurement next week (and I did my blood today). Then the amnio in a few weeks time.

BIg News: We may find out the genders on Monday or Wednesday. What are we thinking?? I think boy/girl just because that is most statistically common. Hey! I'm a researcher by nature ;-)


  1. I agree on the girl/boy combo.

  2. I thought boy/girl...after amnio got boy/boy :) btw, take tylenol b/f the amnio. It is not the most uncomfortable thing you have gone through, but it cramps up more than you think. And you have to have it done twice. Yay for graduation to the OBGYN!!

  3. Yay for graduating! This is really happening - you're like a normal pregnant person! So happy for you.

    I'm going to guess two girls just to stir the pot. The amnio was not too bad, and the relief was GREAT when all the test came back good. I agree about they Tylenol, especially since you get to do it twice! But that won't be til 20 weeks will it?

  4. Well, you're just a regular run-of-the-mill OB patient now! Okay, mostly. Awesome, huh? Except now that you're back with C'nell, you need to keep them in check!

    So, despite the odds and other voters, maybe I'll guess girl/girl just to throw something different into the mix! But wait a the heck are they determining the genders so young? We had to wait till 20 weeks?!

  5. You graduated and gained a letter up in the alphabet. :-) I'll guess boy/boy just to be contrary. So glad you are doing well.

  6. Ahhh, graduation day. Nice. Boy/girl would be a lovely little duo!