Friday, February 5, 2010

Day o' Rest

I took it easy and did couch potato thing today. Managed to work some but when I am inactive I get nausea so the day dragged a bit. I have done nothing and I am exhausted! I am not sure I could manage full bed rest, I have to be honest. It is so depressing just lying there!!!

It is supposed to snow tonight so I think I shall climb into bed and keep the blinds open to watch the snow fall as I doze off to sleep, surrounded by cats.



  1. I'm so glad you rested! I'm sure bed rest is not fun, but perhaps there are things you could do? I've always wanted to learn how to knit - that's probably what I would do if I had to lie in bed all day. And I love jigsaw puzzles, so I'd try to find a way to do them whilst mostly lying down. But watching the snow fall, surrounded by cats, sounds good, too! Hang in there, sister!

  2. Saw a great video yesterday - Stardust. Very fun, in the vein of Princess Bride (another fab movie). If you're in the movie mood!

    I got stuff to crochet (which I can BARELY do) an afghan, a book of crossword and other puzzles, and a new novel - all for my probably non existant 2ww. So I started my puzzle book today, since my brain is too upset to do any productive thing! Hope you get past this soon hon.

  3. I hope the actual bed rest requirement is sporadic. I'm with you - a day of bed rest can be nice, but ongoing incapacitation would make me nuts! Drifting snowfall and soft, purring kitties sounds wonderful!

  4. Enjoy your rest! Curl up with a cat or two!