Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday lovely Sunday

The sun is shining and I slept like a log for many, many hours last night. The apartment is tidy (ish) which makes me soooo happy. I had my weekly cappuccino (decaf of course) and had a HUGE bowl of the healthy Cheerios this am.

This is a great Sunday morning.

I ought to go swimming before the tedious and long work call this afternoon but I am being super lazy today. If I didn't need to shave my legs...! Good an excuse as any. AH well. I shall try and go tomorrow.

Question of the day: Are there any twin moms out there that were able to work past 28 weeks? I need to work to about 35 weeks if possible.


  1. Ooh now that's a thought! What does guru Dr J say? It never occurred to me that might be a problem ( we might be having twins too - will find out on Friday). I know one mom who cut down after about 28 weeks and worked part timengor a bit. Glad you're having a lovely Sunday:)

  2. Hi there! I was still working when I went into labor at 32 1/2 weeks. It definitely got harder after 25 weeks (and uncomfortable). I started working from home 2 x/week at that point.

  3. I was able to work until almost 32 weeks - I was having lots of contractions and swelling. It would be impossible for me to have worked beyond that - I can barely walk now at 36 weeks 2 days.

  4. I worked until 34 1/2 weeks, when I went into labor. I had just the previous day asked my doctor for a note to put me on half time, that I would work from home. I could still sort of move around then, but I was getting very tired, so I only wanted to work 1/2 a day, and then rest the other half. My doctor didn't have any strict cut off time for working, and I wasn't having any problems, so I kept working.

  5. Hi,

    I stopped working at the end of my 35th week. It wasn't easy - the last 2 weeks were pretty exhausting but I did it. The good thing about it was it made time go by fast. Now I'm waiting for these guys to be born (37 weeks) and the days are kind of dragging. But there is no way I could still be at work- just too uncomfortable.