Friday, March 30, 2012


I'd would really like to have a frikkin job. I thought I might've landed one recently but it's not looking good. It physically hurts to be rejected. I am a bad loser that is for sure.

Someone out there tell me great stories about how they got laid off and ended up in a much better place. PLEASE!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This means War ...

Right, this post goes out to my feckin' sinuses. I am so sick and tired of you getting infected or inflamed or whatever the crap this thing is. Every month.. EVERY MONTH!!! I had to miss one of my last rehearsals of this season last night, I nearly hurled in the cab on the way home and I even had to take medicine last night.



So, I am on the warpath you gloopy evil little cavities. I am out to get you. You are going to be netty pottied, teatree oiled, sprayed and attacked on every frikkin front. You will get back in line with the overall objective of me having a good time while I look for full time work and you will not, I repeat WILL NOT make yourselves known for the remained of the year.

Got it. Good.

(Will and Mo - been thinking about you guys all morning)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Er.. potty training the cat

I went to bed with a really sore throat last night. You know how that is - all you want is sleep. I figured if the kids screamed in the night I would check there was no blood, tell them "I love you" and bugger off back to bed.

Well, I had a very odd experience.

There was a scream from Mimi but it stopped. So I got up to check (stand by the door not daring to breath) and I thought why is my leg wet? I looked down and my PJ bottoms were kinda wet. And stinky.

Oh hell, I've pee'd myself? How is this possible.

I took them off, washed up and climbed back into bed. Right onto a wet patch. Now I was confused. Lifting up the blanket I saw a pool of stinky liquid right next to my husbands but.

WTH?? he pee'd the bed????

Then it hit me. The stink,  which by this time it was very bad, was coming from the duvet. From the part the cat sleeps in. Where is the cat, by the way?

So there I was at 2 am stripping the bed around my husband who was STILL ASLEEP and searching desperately for some ammonia or vinegar. We don't have either. I put it all in the bathroom and turned the tap on hoping to wash away the smell. Let me tell you, my friend, cat pee is a very smelly and doesn't go away very quickly.

This morning I dumped everything. There is no way I'm trying to save a cat pee stained anything to sleep in. Luckily the pee didn't hit the mattress (thank you mattress savers) but everything else - buh bye.

Turns out some bright spark had closed the door to the cat litter. If it was me then it's an understandable mistake. If it's anyone else they are idiots.

One day I will go to bed, go to sleep and stay asleep for 7 hours. One day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

this SAHM thing.

If I won the lottery I would totally be a SAHM. This week has rocked. Yes, I am knackered, physically mostly. Two 30 pound toddlers that want a quick cuddle twenty times a day takes it toll however my arms are rockin'. The stress of being with the kids all the time is zero compared to my regular working life. I am NOTsaying that being a SAHM is easy (before I get an avalanche of emails) but I am in a very stressful industry and in comparison to that, I find looking after my kids less stressful. OK. We cool?

We had music class today. We can only afford this one class. It's in a crapped out church hall, bad air conditioning and an out of tune piano and yet we all totally love it. Pip was waiting at the door an hour before it was time to get going. We were the first in the room and he went nuts with delights, running around the big all and rolling on the carpet.

If we had money we could do some seriously cool classes. The Met has a music class and there are ballet classes (running around in tutu classes) and make a mess classes, swimming class, painting,pets and even a swim class. Most of them run to $1000 for 8 weeks. Yeah.

Oh well!

At this point we can't even afford the cheapest of the pre-schools and it looks like the little twin group we got together has mostly moved to 'burbs. I shall persevere tho. My kids will get a pre-school education even if we have to cobble it together ourselves.

I watch the other moms and nannies in the class and can't help wonder why they look so damn miserable.  Maybe everyone is lonely? Hell, they could be sitting in a boardroom wondering how the hell this guy can stab you in the back while dipping into your pockets at the same time! This one women 'comiserated' that my nanny had abandoned us! I said I was loving looking after the kids by myself. I am clearly no professional child minder (they are covered in food and dirt by the end of day) but I love how we spend our time. She snapped that if I had to do it all the time I would hate it. If I HAD to do anything  all the time I'd hate it. What is it about NYSAHM! Prada handbags and crappy 'tudes.

So today is full of new things again. We are having jello (or jelly as they say in my home place) with maybe some ice cream if I get my act together. We are also going for another long walk, this time down to the river and back to the little playground we are partial to. Wonder if the water spray thingy is on?

After that, evening meal, play, bath, supper and bed.

What a cool day. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mum mom ma

Our wonder nanny is away this week which means I am running the show, kiddie wise.

So far we have had not made it through a night without a serious wake up from each of them, so they are not happy about the change in leadership.

I, on the other hand, am having a ball.

We play, eat, clean up, play, sleep, play, eat, wash, rinse and repeat. Life is so organized, predictable and easy. Not easy as in no effort but straightforward and manageable. Do I get my buttons pushed .... HELL YES ... but it takes a moment for that grouch to go away.


I think DH is waiting for the mummy meltdown. I am a byatch in the morning for sure - often really tired both physically and emotionally,  but after a couple of big cups of coffee ... zing!!!

I think the thing that makes me the most happy right now is watching how they are growing together.

He has mastered walking, he can go forward, backwards and sideways. With the walking has come a growing confidence. He is such a little tyke but he always get away with everything (except with me). At the play group the other nannies and moms are all in love with him. He smiles and giggles and runs off leaving the mayhem he created for someone else to deal with.

She's becoming more reserved although once she knows you she is super affectionate. Everyone gets a hug and then if you are lucky she might blow you a kiss. She is adorably sweet. Blond hair and deep blue eyes, rosy cheeks and long strong legs. Today she had on khaki shorts, eggshell blue summer blouse and her blue walking boots and she looked like a little hiker,  like a person I would want to get to know. How crazy does that sound.

Walking down the street we get tons of comments and compliments which of course, makes me swell like a peacock.   Since we rarely take the stroller, no matter the distance,  they are walking long distances and I think they love it. It's slow going but totally worth it, IMO.

Tomorrow we shall go on a bus - BIG ADVENTURE~!!!~ or maybe to the children's museum or the zoo. I am so excited.

Maybe we should look at houses in 'burbs?  Nahhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


not sure why but my guys are really farty lately. i mean seriously  - folks. farts and ... follow thru's if you get my drift (no pun intended).

They are sitting in their little chairs watching tv right now and I had to open the damn window.

It may be that they are walking and running around so much these days that by the night they are so tired they just can't control anything.

maybe its just part of the growing up thing

whatever it is. phew!!

[my caps key is broken!]

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're baaack

That went well. 

Looks like we have two 18 month old's that are seasoned travelers. They flew over night on our laps for 7 hours and then another 3 hours to our final destination and not one melt down. A few tears when hungry or just to let us know they were dog tired but ok really. Apart from that, nada. Same deal on the way back. Have to say, the purchase of little dvd players was a genius move on my part. I thank you. 

Once there,  happy and contented. Even the night time sleep wasn't too bad. They would cry for a bottle around midnight which is their usual big meal time at home. Pip wanted his mum most of the time so I got to share my tiny European twin bed (called a single over there and oh boy, is that an apt name).  He snores too. Sorry Pip but you do. 

Whilst in Yorkshire we took them to a working farm. Huge pigs, turkeys, chickens and roosters, lambs, sheep, cows and calves.  It was so cool to watch them try and work out what in the world this huge animal was all about. And why we were standing around a field in the rain and cold. 

And now, we are back. Last time we went to the UK their sleep got really messed up coming back. I am just praying that this isn't the case now. Last night Pip screamed till I cuddled him on their bedroom floor at 2am.  Please pray to the gods of snooze for a full night's sleep. 

I love the way they grow through challenge and change. We all do, I know, but for kids this age it seems to be supercharged. Mimi went from one or two word utterances to whole sentences. She seemed to grow by the inch and become a little girl. Pip, being the emotional one, was shy around people, even his grandparents, until he was sure they were OK. Then he played and giggled with them (much to their delight). He grew also - he looks like a little boy, not a baby, now.

And as a mum, I tried to let go of some unproductive nonsense - mainly if my kids meltdown what will people think? The answer to that riddle is 'who cares'. 

As soon as I get a new job (this is my most frequently uttered phrase) we are all going on vacation to somewhere warm. If they can handle a night flight and nightmare time zone, they can handle anything.