Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This means War ...

Right, this post goes out to my feckin' sinuses. I am so sick and tired of you getting infected or inflamed or whatever the crap this thing is. Every month.. EVERY MONTH!!! I had to miss one of my last rehearsals of this season last night, I nearly hurled in the cab on the way home and I even had to take medicine last night.



So, I am on the warpath you gloopy evil little cavities. I am out to get you. You are going to be netty pottied, teatree oiled, sprayed and attacked on every frikkin front. You will get back in line with the overall objective of me having a good time while I look for full time work and you will not, I repeat WILL NOT make yourselves known for the remained of the year.

Got it. Good.

(Will and Mo - been thinking about you guys all morning)

1 comment:

  1. You get 'em! Barrage those sinuses with that nettie pot and whatever else might help. You're right, this kind of torment cannot go on.