Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're baaack

That went well. 

Looks like we have two 18 month old's that are seasoned travelers. They flew over night on our laps for 7 hours and then another 3 hours to our final destination and not one melt down. A few tears when hungry or just to let us know they were dog tired but ok really. Apart from that, nada. Same deal on the way back. Have to say, the purchase of little dvd players was a genius move on my part. I thank you. 

Once there,  happy and contented. Even the night time sleep wasn't too bad. They would cry for a bottle around midnight which is their usual big meal time at home. Pip wanted his mum most of the time so I got to share my tiny European twin bed (called a single over there and oh boy, is that an apt name).  He snores too. Sorry Pip but you do. 

Whilst in Yorkshire we took them to a working farm. Huge pigs, turkeys, chickens and roosters, lambs, sheep, cows and calves.  It was so cool to watch them try and work out what in the world this huge animal was all about. And why we were standing around a field in the rain and cold. 

And now, we are back. Last time we went to the UK their sleep got really messed up coming back. I am just praying that this isn't the case now. Last night Pip screamed till I cuddled him on their bedroom floor at 2am.  Please pray to the gods of snooze for a full night's sleep. 

I love the way they grow through challenge and change. We all do, I know, but for kids this age it seems to be supercharged. Mimi went from one or two word utterances to whole sentences. She seemed to grow by the inch and become a little girl. Pip, being the emotional one, was shy around people, even his grandparents, until he was sure they were OK. Then he played and giggled with them (much to their delight). He grew also - he looks like a little boy, not a baby, now.

And as a mum, I tried to let go of some unproductive nonsense - mainly if my kids meltdown what will people think? The answer to that riddle is 'who cares'. 

As soon as I get a new job (this is my most frequently uttered phrase) we are all going on vacation to somewhere warm. If they can handle a night flight and nightmare time zone, they can handle anything. 


  1. Welcome back and I'm glad you had such a successful international trip with two wee ones.

    Go, Mama!

  2. Hurray for the well-traveled toddlers! What great kids you have (as though I needed to tell you). And, just for the record, what a great mom you are for raising such great kids. I hope everyone had a blissful night's sleep and I know what you mean about the public meltdown....who cares? There is a lot less I worry about these days (as far as public opinion). I actually took my boy to the grocery store the other day in a NON-MATCHING (gasp!) outfit. Can you imagine? He had it on, he was comfortable, I wanted to get my chore done. So we went. Camoflage and plaid - whatever. No one even looked twice.