Monday, October 29, 2012

So far so Sandy

I have been off work for three days with pneumonia (i thought i felt ill but i didn;t realize I was actually sick).  Sandy has closed the office for another day or two.


OKOKOK I know, this is a serious storm for everyone in its path but let me have my moment. I get to stay away from Psycho boss for another day or two. When I emailed her that I had pneumonia she asked for a report asap. Whatever. Fire me byatch!!! I don't freakin' care anymore.

So, Sandy means...

  • We played dress up dragon this morning - awesome
  • We went for a quick walk while the rain was mild - kids were awesome
  • We just ordered sushi - bless NYC!!!

Being a mum to toddler twins is never ending drama. It's great, don't get me wrong, wouldn't trade it for the world. Yet, I would trade some of this floor beating, screaming and MINE!!!!

And that is Pip!!!!!

However, hearing my boy count or sing erases it all. Mimi can actually read and enjoys reading to daddy. She is a daddy's girl. It is lovely to watch.

But right now, kids are asleep and we can catch up on our shows. Yahoooooooo!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Work still totally sucks but I am just rolling with the punches till I can get out of there.

The play I directed is going well.

Kids are Super!!!  Man, they are so much fun and I love being around them. Pip loves to dance and bop. Mimi is a reader, loves to draw and is such a great cuddle. When should I worry about the lack of poopy diapers? One of them is having issues I think.

We are contributing to the school Halloween things. You know, sugar, carbs etc. So excited about being a mum with kids at a school event!!

And it was our 5 yr anniversary. Did we visit one of the many amazing places to eat, listen to amazing music or visit a museum? Nope. We were exhausted. We got a baby sitter to take the kids out and we lay on the bed, snuggling and watched a movie. It was amazing.

It's amazing how the little moments mean so much more than the grand ones.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

scar problems

I have a really read odd rash coming from the c-section scar and up my stomach. Any ideas? Since I've had a cold I can't tell if the tenderness is from the coughing or not. 

Everyone here is full of cold and cough. 

Off to bed with a cup of tea. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aaachooo and Applause

The play opened last night. It's about letting an elderly mother die. So, as you can imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house :-)

I am so relieved we actually got to opening night. I can start to relax now. And think about how to get this new job organized!!

Queenie - you're right. I have been totally stressed out by this job from the moment I took it. It's just plain wrong for me. And, I read a text book explanation of sociopath - my boss. Really!

So, with a heavy head cold (and sniffles starting with the kids) I am looking to the future.  I am changing jobs one way or another. This current job gives me the flexibility to see the kids at home at night but the cost is too high.

I did being the kids to the theatre everyday. At 11.30am a theatre is remarkably quiet. So, I bring the kids, we play and goof around for an hour and then off they trot for nap time.
Well yesterday all the actors were around for some reason. I must have been glowing with love and pride. I felt so happy! My kids and I in the only place I feel totally at home and everyone cooing over them.

Well, they are gorgeous!

I have this morning off and there is a long list of to -do's. I haven't 'to done' anything yet and its nearly 11am. Oh well. I'm busy with my kids :-)

Hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Behind the curve

That's how I feel right now. I went to class with the kids and they were fine but wouldn't sit down in the chairs like the other kids. I just didn't know what to do. I realised that DH had been to all this classes with them and there was tons of info he just didn't tell me (or doesn't know).

I feel like it all falls down to me and that is totally overwhelming right now.

I think this is all centered around the fact that work got my home cell number and have invaded my week off. They bring such anxiety with them that I am sent off the deep end. Anxiety attack.

Is this what being a mother and wife is? Bone wrenching anxiety? Or am I somehow in peri-menopause? What ever it is, life is not a whole heap of fun right now.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Where I take a WEEK OFF!

Every morning I leave for work and my heart stays behind with my kids. This week I am taking time off THAT PLACE to get the show I've directed up (which is drama enough thank you very much)

Which means I get to spend tons of time with my kids. TONS OF TIME. I get to go to school with them, play group and oh everything else they do. Can you tell how exciting this is to me.

They are so much fun these days that I can hardly stand it.

A young women at work is getting married. She asked if I had kids and so we got to chatting. She wants kids but the idea of having them for ever is daunting to her. I thought to my self - damn its not long enough for me.

Every second of every day of forever. Sounds wonderful to me. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where my boss makes me cry ....

I am so sorry I've been away for long. I'm working 7 days a week (2 of sheer bliss and 5 of utter hell).

Now for those that don't know me I am a balanced and fair person. I can be a tad forthright and to some intimating.  Basically I don't take shit.  My boss likes to dole out big steaming piles of scatological nightmare. She literally barked at me the other day.

Today she closed my office door and just went for me.  I am, according to this dream boss, hostile.  I swear, I've was voted the friendliest newcomer by everyone else. The mean woman made me cry!  But revenge is sweet.

Looks like I will be quitting some time before Christmas for a better position.

On the kid front.  Perfection. Joy. Hard work - is it ever!! But, wow, what funny and mostly kind munchkins we have.  I hear myself wondering if I am good enough to be their mum.  Surely they should have someone better, more disciplined and pretty and smart and who can turn on the oven!

My favorite bedtime ritual is to watch Wonderpets - the best show ever made and sing along with them.  Kids and animals in perfect disharmony.

Send me hugs to get through another day with psycho boss.  I promise to catch up on all your news really soon.