Sunday, October 21, 2012


Work still totally sucks but I am just rolling with the punches till I can get out of there.

The play I directed is going well.

Kids are Super!!!  Man, they are so much fun and I love being around them. Pip loves to dance and bop. Mimi is a reader, loves to draw and is such a great cuddle. When should I worry about the lack of poopy diapers? One of them is having issues I think.

We are contributing to the school Halloween things. You know, sugar, carbs etc. So excited about being a mum with kids at a school event!!

And it was our 5 yr anniversary. Did we visit one of the many amazing places to eat, listen to amazing music or visit a museum? Nope. We were exhausted. We got a baby sitter to take the kids out and we lay on the bed, snuggling and watched a movie. It was amazing.

It's amazing how the little moments mean so much more than the grand ones.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Or Happy Nursery as we like to call it!
    How do you roll with the punches in a toxic work situation? I'm in one myself now. Not all toxic but one colleague is ( same level as me but there for years)

  2. Hi EB. I finally have a moment tonight to catch up on all your posts (Mr. BWUB is currently rocking a whimpering Mac back to sleep). You have a lot going on these days, and some really wonderful things! Your darling children and their upcoming school event, the fabulous play, the sweet way you spent your anniversary. So happy for you for those things. Of course it seems the job and your boss (and my waiting job and evil boss) were made from the same mold. I don't know what to say about that. For me, I'll be looking to lateral to another office even before my maternity leave ends. Some things just aren't worth it. You know?

    Not sure about the rash and your c-section scar. I hope it's getting better. My own scar has always felt a bit strange...numb. Best to check with your doc if it doesn't clear up.

    Well, of course Mr. BWUB needs me now...time for another feeding it appears.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you! Stay safe during this storm!