Saturday, February 22, 2014

Epic potty fail … binkey fail … fail

So we have not managed to potty train anyone.

we were consistent and encouraging and all that crap.

I even bought over expensive branded toddler toilet seat thingy's

Epic. Fail.

Didn't help that Mimi fell into the loo bottom first and I laughed till I pee'd myself. She was righteously annoyed at me for most of the day.

Binky is better. Just night time and no fuss. So maybe that's less of an epic fail?

Mimi can now climb out of her cage .. I mean crib… so many times in the wee small hours there is a battle of the wills followed by a morphing into Joan Crawford by your truly at 4am. No, I am not beating my child with hangers.

Tomorrow we go out to the country for the day. Snow and sledging and hot chocolate by the fire then home in time for a bath and bed. My kind of day.

How's it all going with youz guys?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tantrum central

Mimi is taking the changes really hard. She is screaming in her bed right now. Does she have her binky? Oh yes of course. She's now only using binky at night, in bed which is a huge step forward. Her behavior in the day is pretty awful. Tantrums and screaming and fighting and biting.

It's driving me nuts.

Now she's screaming at night as well. Actually its a full on tantrum even tho she has the damn binky. It starts with the whine, then the speed and volume picks up and then we are in to the hiccuping, almost puking. She calms down enough to call for me and then ramps up again.

Pip? Sleeps through the whole thing!

Potty wise we have had a few small victories. This weekend is snow weekend so I may just go for broke and do the dry and try approach.

Oh dear lord make that child stop whipping and wailing.