Saturday, February 22, 2014

Epic potty fail … binkey fail … fail

So we have not managed to potty train anyone.

we were consistent and encouraging and all that crap.

I even bought over expensive branded toddler toilet seat thingy's

Epic. Fail.

Didn't help that Mimi fell into the loo bottom first and I laughed till I pee'd myself. She was righteously annoyed at me for most of the day.

Binky is better. Just night time and no fuss. So maybe that's less of an epic fail?

Mimi can now climb out of her cage .. I mean crib… so many times in the wee small hours there is a battle of the wills followed by a morphing into Joan Crawford by your truly at 4am. No, I am not beating my child with hangers.

Tomorrow we go out to the country for the day. Snow and sledging and hot chocolate by the fire then home in time for a bath and bed. My kind of day.

How's it all going with youz guys?

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  1. When they're ready, they'll do it, but not a minute before. At least, that's what everyone told me, and how it was with my oldest. She also fell in once, and I still laugh about it. And time to ditch the crib for a big girl bed! Once climbing out ceases to get a reaction, they stop, we found. The youngest learned months ago, but once it gained her nothing, she gave up.