Sunday, March 16, 2014

anxiety disorder.

Ever since taking the job from hell that I eventually quit I seem to have developed an anxiety disorder. Even in my current position that I am more than capable of doing, I have racing heart, sinking feeling in my stomach and I am over compensating by eating. 

I won't go in to details but my thoughts are starting to worry me. 

I've struggled with depression for years but ever since the kids came I've been pretty well stable. However, my anxiety is getting out of hand. 

Anyone tried any anxiety meds? 


  1. Do you read Here be Hippogriffs? She's suffered from anxiety and tried various med's. They've helped her a lot, and she's blogged about it off and on. Don't be afraid to get help--it's there if you need it, and for as long as you need it. Why have reduced quality of life if you don't have to? Good luck, and hope things even out for you soon.

    1. thank you! i will go there now.

  2. The only anti-anxiety med that I've tried (for my fear of flying) that has helped in a way that doesn't render me comatose or hung over is Ativan.

    That said, are you taking an anti-depressant? That may help, too.

    I'm glad you posted, glad that you are open to help and hope you get something that works for you sooner rather than later.

  3. Please get help!!! There's no shame in it. I have anxiety and depression too and with meds and therapy I'm pretty darn high functioning. If I say so myself. A lot if anti depressants help with anxiety too and it's better then getting hooked on Ativan or sthg. Good luck. Go to your GP or find a psychiatrist ASAP!