Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cord Blood Banking

Did you do it? Are you thinking of doing it? What's the skinny? I am not sure if it's worth while or not - read myself into analysis paralysis.

There are equal medical arguments pro and anti. So, I leave it to the far wiser, far cooler bloggie sisterhood to guide me.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I phoned the hospital after I got my platelet count back - 111 (lowish) coz with that super high blood pressure reading I was a little panicked. The nurse laughed and said my BP was 124 not 224/88. Stupid NST nurse managed to freak me out for no good reason.

I checked it again with my acupuncturist in the afternoon (after 3 litres of water) and it was 122/82. Not so bad.

I feel weird though. I feel anxious and kinda 'off' but in an emotional way, not in a physical way. Guess its all about the anticipation now. DH is being weird too so that doesn't help. Maybe I am having hormone changes? Or maybe this is normal - towards the end of a pregnancy, in a heat wave, with swollen everything!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

35 weeks + Paraskevidekatriaphobics

Well, here we are at 35 weeks.
NST (non stress test) went well - base of 140 and 150 and the placenta's are good for another week. My blood pressure was really high for me - 224/88 (I'm normally 117/78) but the head nurse wasn't too worried. I've been feeling a bit crap this week. It's a combination of no sleep and I mean NO DAMN SLEEP and the physical discomfort. Everything is either under pressure or swollen. I don't really care but it makes movement a thing of the past.

Today is also my last official day of work for 2 months. Wow. How amazing to be able to write that sentence. I know its not exactly a holiday but it is two months without dodging knives and political bullets. Oh joy unbridled.

I'm surprised that lots of friends have commented about the C-section being on Friday 13th. Happily, I'm not superstitious ( in this case I do not have parakevidekatriphobic - a morbid fear of Friday 13th).
For me Friday 13th is specifically routed in a christian doctrine and since I haven't been blessed with a faith (christian or otherwise ) wouldn't I be a dreadful hypocrite to suddenly believe in its associated superstitions!

Life is hard enough without all the whirly gig of superstitions, don't you think. If we make it to Friday 13th (and honestly I'm not sure we will) it will be the birth-day of my little monkeys. My not so little monkeys. My lovely and funny and much loved, little monkeys.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pushy New Yorker sets time and date for C-Section

So I have been here too long. I just pushed my doctor into setting a day and time for the C-Section. She agreed to a tentative date August 13th @ 10am

HOLY MOLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe this?? I may meet my kids in 15 days. 15 DAYS. OK need to take some deep breaths. And eat some ice cream.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Small Babies

Not here!! Not my monkeys. My monkeys, especially the boy have done an amazing job over the past two weeks

Boy baby grew 4 weeks in 14 days so that he is spot on (34 +some days)
The girl is one week ahead - YES!! One week ahead.

Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in honor of the absolute joy I am feeling, see below - my 34 week belly shot :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

And the date is...

...undecided. Yes, my friends, Dr K didn't want to set the date. She goes away on vacation on August 14th and thinks ... THINKS... we may be delivered by then. OK. If she is on vacation then "someone will do it". Well, that's a relief.


I am feeling a little less than supported right now. DH is in a permanent negative vortex of worry, my folks aren't coming over coz it's too hot, Dr is going on holiday and I am here, as big as a house, trying to keep it all together.

So in order to have some fun - lets start a book. If I was a betting women, I would put money on August 11th. No idea why. None. Just feels like the right date. What about you? When do you think its going to be??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we got ....

A nanny! We offered 'A' and she was delighted. B was pissy. My fault, I think I was too enthusiastic with B. Ah well. Lesson learnt.

A pediatrician! Met an amazing doctor that preempted all my questions and made me feel great.

A delivery date (sort of). Tomorrow is week 34 and I am going to ask for a c-section date. The mental focus will be good for me coz right now, I am hot, fat and uncomfortable. So, we will have an end in sight.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am not at work again today. Officially working from home. As of yet all I have done is answer phone calls and procrastinate. Ihave two months of executive summaries to write!! I have a whole conference proposal to wrote and all before August 1.

Why August 1, I hear you ask?

Coz that is my official 'I don't care what is going on at work I am on my' maternity leave. Oh yes, my dear friends. I will be off work from August to October. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.Can you believe it!! I am so nearly there. Wild.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

That was then, this is now

This was last weeks NST

And this ... is a week later (Friday)

OH YEAH!!! I am an eating machine .... grow babies, GROW

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The "A" has it.

Thanks guys. 'A' feels like the right decision for us for so many reasons and its great to get such a positive affirmation from you guys. I think A maybe a special caretaker, we may be very lucky parents :-)

I'm anxious again today. Probably coz we went over the finances which is never fun! Also its stupid hot today so we've only been out a few times and I may be a little stir crazy. Or is it that my time draws near... I am only a few weeks away now. I read all about csection, recovery etc. not too much fun but you guys have reassured me so much that i kinda ignored the worst of it.

The only place I am calm is in the kids room. When I walk in there I calm down and everything seems doable.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What to do ????

As with every NY couple we have been on the nanny search for a while. We are down to two wonderful people who are polar opposites of each other!
I need help from the bloggie land to think through the candidates.

A. is older and very experienced. My friend worked with her for 5 years and still loves her. She has great ideas for the kids from ages 0 to 5 and is really flexible with time and travel etc. She understands corporate pressures and seems to have been given huge amounts responsibility from her employers. She wants to be paid in the books.

B. is 21 and has an early education degree. she's full of energy and easy going (although a bit of a chatterbox). She has never had a full time position (since she is fresh out of college) but seems very eager to be in the job. She wants to be paid off the books.

I am going to be traveling with whomever the caretaker is (in the first quarter of 2011 I will be on a plane most weeks). The older one (A) has a son but has assured me that she can travel. The younger one is foot loose and fancy free. Both travel for fun.
A went through a great plan to get the kids onto solids fast, potty training, behavior etc.
B. is very education focused but doesn't seem to have too much to say about the early years but we didn't ask her any direct questions about food education etc.

Ahhhh who do we go with!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy Rolly Momma

Look at that thing!Is this not the coolest, sexiest stroller in the world. I love it!! I can't stop pushing it around the bedroom. I am so gonna put my monkeys in this thing and take Manhattan by storm. I'm a big walker anyway and what with the cup holder, I mean who wouldn't want to push this sexy thang??

Big day in Eb household. 33 weeks today and that means Day 1 of my restricted duty for work. My next in office day is Wednesday. And, my dear friends, that does not suck. The last three days have been brutal at work and as much as I wanted to work till the end, I can't keep going in to the office. I do have calls most days but hell bells, I can do them from my big comfy bed.

As per my personality, I didn't exactly take it easy today. I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and loved every moment of it. I spent time doing some old Chinese traditions in the kids room. I wiped down the wood with something called Happy Baby (it's a lavender & citrus oil that is meant to bring good luck) and wiped all the surfaces down with lemon water (water with, well, lemon in it) to bring good health. I'm not really superstitious but I do like the old traditions from China. No idea why. One thing for sure, the room smells lovely. We haven't got everything in there yet but when we do, it will look really calm and welcoming. I'll take a photo when its done.

Here is a photo of my 33 weeks belly. Its so big now (eating every hour remember) that I couldn't get the whole thing in the frame. Laughed my ass off trying to take this photo! Small babies my ass.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Small Babies? Not for long

Thank You. Your words are more helpful than I can ever write down in words.

I started eating yesterday. I had toast, a bagel, a scone, a very big juicy burger with cheese and bacon, a milkshake, an apple and cheese, pasta and a couple of chicken wings and a fruit smoothie. Oh yes. I have a skill it would seem. I am single minded when it comes to getting things done. I am laser minded, it would seem, when it comes to my little monkeys.

In the afternoon I slept, or was it a food coma, for a couple of hours. Last night I slept on and off until 930 (I usually get up at 6 or so to work before the day starts) and I have just scoffed down four pieces of high fiber wholewheat toast with goats butter and organic honey.

I have two weeks till my next growth visit with Dr J and by hook or crook, these kids will have grown!!

After all your thoughts and care I am much calmer. I did have a melt down yesterday but by the evening, after reading all the wise words from you and my friend C (twin mom) I felt calmer and more focused. I rearranged my work schedule and so I am basically sliding into maternity leave which to be honest, I welcome with open arms. I have a job that is like herding very mean cats and I just don't have the emotional strength to do it right now.

So, I am going to make the bed, take a shower and climb back onto the bed to finish the book I have been trying to read for about a year. Oh, and I shall take a bowl of cherries, watermelon, two apples and little cheeses and some shortbread biscuits - for a snack :-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small babies

Just got back from seeing my other Dr. She thinks the babies are small. I knew something was wrong at that US. She suggested resting more and eating more. Eat as much as possible as frequently as possible.

Of course I am in a total tailspin. Is it going to end now? Am I going to lose my babies? I am so scared right now. I have to get these kids to grow more. Please don't let this be the beginning of the end. Please. Let them be ok.

Cribs and strollers

We got most of our order - all except the mattress for one of the cribs so I shall hold off with the photo's till the room is really set. The stroller and car seats gets delivered fully assembled on Monday and I have packed my bag and the kids bags for the hospital. It felt great to put away some of the stuff, the clothing and diapers and oils etc. Feels like we are getting ready.

Now I just need to incubate the monkeys for another 5 weeks.

I seem to wake up in a bad mood these days. I can't sleep which doesn't help - last night I fell asleep at midnight and got up every hour to pee or feed an animal. Maybe this is what the third trimester is - bad moods and tiredness. I was so chipper in the second trimester. I guess being stuck inside doesn't help. With the humidity and heat here in NYC I am kinda screwed - we have no access to outside that also offers a bathroom ;-) Ah well. Small sacrafice.

Wonder how K is doing with her little two? If you're reading - drop a line and let us know.

Time for another Doctors appointment - check in with Dr J (aka crazy Dr J).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

growth update

The monkeys weigh 3lb 11oz and 4lb's each. So they are in the average range or 50th %. The growth ultrasound was done by an extremely unfriendly women who didn't tell me anything about what she was measuring. I did see that the boy baby measures and weighs smaller than the girl. They are both breach. But that's it, I'm afraid. I asked if everything was healthy/ safe etc and she just murmured something uncommitted under her breath. I guess they are fine since I wasn't sent to see my DR.

I also had my first non stress test and according to the chicks reading the lie detector test readout all looked fine. One women said "oh they're having a party in there". I go again next week. I think this is a weekly test now. Joy.

I don't feel reassured like I usually do. I'm anxious. Probably because I'm overtired. Yesterday we spent 6 hours at an outpatient hospital coz DH had a small procedure. For some reason the waiting room was really warm. I guess I need to just rest, rehydrate and eat ... some ice cream :-)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hotter than an Amazonian lizards crotch

Dear lord its hot. I mean hot HOT HOT!!! I had to leave the office coz it was so stuffy (OK yeah, I just wanted to leave but damn good excuse). I have two weeks left of a busy schedule and then my calendar is a stark white. Kinda freaking me out!!

So here I sit, kids washing is drying in the bedroom (aka the sauna) and my hubbie is crooning thru a wonderful lullaby book a dear friend gave us. He isn't exactly Pavarotti but it's making my heart bloom with even more love for him, if that's possible.

OK, where is the ice cream??

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Loads of stuff

We have about 20 thousand baby bottles, two tons of pacifiers and tons & tons of clothing!! It started arriving at the beginning of the weekend and each time we open another box it's great!! Looks like the registry is closed!

Very grateful.

Now where exactly does all this stuff go!!!

Do I need to wash everything Including the blankets and sheet savers etc? Or is it just clothing? I have been to 20 hours of baby care and I know nothing!!

Happy 4th to y'all.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dr's update

I had a hospital check up or check in, I guess. The nurse messed up my BP reading coz she used the wrong cuff and got a very high reading which when the doctor repeated it went from 130/84 to 117/ 78!! Drama over. No sugars or protein in my pee this time, cervix is looking good and I had another cbc to check on my falling platelets. I am now borderline and may need steroid shots. Oh my - what will I be like on steroids!! It may also mean a 'sooner rather than later' delivery.

Dr K suggested a tentative date of August 13th for the C-section but followed up by saying no-one every gets to the scheduled date with twins. I think we are aiming for the beginning of August but I wasn't really clear - she had her head up my hoo hoo at the time. I did tell her to slow the fuck down since she rattles off info like a machine gun. I shall ask for a non '13' date. Why mess with the universe at this point!!

All in all it was good news and it appears we are coming to the final stages of this pregnancy. I start my weekly stress tests next week. I have my growth scan next week also which means I will be in the hospital for 3 to 4 hours. Good grief. I have nearly finished packing my bag and I shall pack the babies bag next (we got a really cool 'dude' diaper bag so my husband can carry it) and then all I need is ... oh you know.. the babies.

Your stories and advice have really helped me on the c-section recovery front. Thanks!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

31 weeks

Here I am. One week from month 8. One week from my LAST MONTH OF PREGNANCY!!! Holy moly crapoli tamoli. Who'd a thunk it. I'm sort of sad to think that this is it. Growing babies has been a trip (don't jinx yourself women). Yes, I have backache, and headaches and the first trimester was a living hell but compared to many I have had a pretty easy ride so far. I was worried about blowing up like a house but I am the same size as my friend who is carrying a singleton. I may not have the eggs for reproduction but I sure have the pelvic cradle for it!!

And then I think 'pregnancy is cool but motherhood - way cooler'. I see women on the street with their push prams and I get a surge of excitement. I will be a mum soon. I still have a babbling brook of fear that something will go wrong and it'll all be snatched away at the last moment but I use my life long training in denial to push those thoughts away. I had a cuddle with a friends very big baby last weekend and oh it was lovely. Sitting there with this smiley monkey, good friends, lots of laughter and giggling and happiness. I know its hard work but how can that compare to what kids bring into our lives?

So bloggie friends, here's what I need help with. I am scared of the c-section recovery. Not the actual c-section. The recovery. How painful is it? How long till you feel OK? Is it a really big scar? Is it a really icky scar? What is the hospital stay like? What is the first 12 hours like? Any stories or advice more than welcome.