Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hotter than an Amazonian lizards crotch

Dear lord its hot. I mean hot HOT HOT!!! I had to leave the office coz it was so stuffy (OK yeah, I just wanted to leave but damn good excuse). I have two weeks left of a busy schedule and then my calendar is a stark white. Kinda freaking me out!!

So here I sit, kids washing is drying in the bedroom (aka the sauna) and my hubbie is crooning thru a wonderful lullaby book a dear friend gave us. He isn't exactly Pavarotti but it's making my heart bloom with even more love for him, if that's possible.

OK, where is the ice cream??


  1. Hot is right! Glad to hear you're on leave in 2 more weeks - it will be nice for you to relax and just veg out before the twins come. And hubby sounds adorable :-)

  2. I'm just over here in NJ and you're so right. I can't take this heat. I HATE heat. I LOVE the fall, the winter. I even like the Spring, except its promise of the heat to come. I can't even breathe outside. The fifty or so steps between my car and the office building is brutal. Can't wait 'til September and the cool months to follow.

  3. I've seen on the news how hot it is...good grief! And to be pregnant to boot! You poor thing. You definitely need some ice cream!

    How sweet of your DH to be singing away!