Thursday, July 8, 2010

growth update

The monkeys weigh 3lb 11oz and 4lb's each. So they are in the average range or 50th %. The growth ultrasound was done by an extremely unfriendly women who didn't tell me anything about what she was measuring. I did see that the boy baby measures and weighs smaller than the girl. They are both breach. But that's it, I'm afraid. I asked if everything was healthy/ safe etc and she just murmured something uncommitted under her breath. I guess they are fine since I wasn't sent to see my DR.

I also had my first non stress test and according to the chicks reading the lie detector test readout all looked fine. One women said "oh they're having a party in there". I go again next week. I think this is a weekly test now. Joy.

I don't feel reassured like I usually do. I'm anxious. Probably because I'm overtired. Yesterday we spent 6 hours at an outpatient hospital coz DH had a small procedure. For some reason the waiting room was really warm. I guess I need to just rest, rehydrate and eat ... some ice cream :-)


  1. wow - your little monkeys are growing big! Good job mama! I'm sorry the tech was so unfriendly - I don't understand it ---I find the same problem with my US techs. Glad the NST went well - they are so reassuring to me. I have my last one tomorrow. Don't be anxious - babies are doing great and you and doing an awesome job! Rest and try to stay cool - we are in for a long, hot spell here.

  2. Hi EB -- sucks to be overtired. Honestly, I don't know how you do it at all. Growing 2 babies; working full time at a big job. Once I got into the 3rd trimester I used to occasionally lock my office door and lay down (no fooling) in the afternoon, I was so tired. And I was only growing one baby! Hope you get some time to rest and relax and eat some ice cream this evening.

    I have a bunch of CF-related links for you if you want them. Too long to leave in a comment here probably -- let me know if/how you want me to get them to you.

    With love,

  3. What's up with the cold, indifferent techs lately? You and Kara's mom both had crappy techs. Sheesh. Even though they weren't very reassuring, I'm sure everything must be okay since they let you go home, right?!

    Just remember you are getting close, the babies are getting bigger and their birth day party is nearly here!

  4. Hey EB- crazy that you are in the homestretch of your pregnancy. Just wanted you to know that I am still reading along, and wish you all the best as you approach the finish line!