Sunday, July 4, 2010

Loads of stuff

We have about 20 thousand baby bottles, two tons of pacifiers and tons & tons of clothing!! It started arriving at the beginning of the weekend and each time we open another box it's great!! Looks like the registry is closed!

Very grateful.

Now where exactly does all this stuff go!!!

Do I need to wash everything Including the blankets and sheet savers etc? Or is it just clothing? I have been to 20 hours of baby care and I know nothing!!

Happy 4th to y'all.


  1. Wow - sounds great! You're almost there! Yes - you should wash blankets, clothing, sheet savers, etc. You never know what they use to package the products. Dreft is a great fragrance-free detergent recommended for baby things. Enjoy nesting!

  2. Ohhhh, fantastic! You can never have enough pacifiers, you know. I am always walking around the house saying "Where are his Nuks?" and although we have about 8 of them, I can never find one when I am looking for them.

    Yes, wash everything. I use Dreft, which seems expensive at about $16 a bottle, but the teensiest bit goes a long way. And I know it's not very eco, but gosh I LOVE the smell of Downy.

    Yay for baby gifts! Pictures of the over-stuffed closet or room ??? Would love to see them. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying these final days.

  3. Yes!! You need to wash EVERYTHING in Dreft or any kind "free" of dyes, perfumes, etc.

    Congrats on all the gifts! How exciting!

  4. While it was unfortunate that I was on complete bed rest for 5 months + 1 wk of my pregnancy, the upside was that I had a close friend in who washed EVERYTHING (in Dreft) and put it all away.

    We didn't so much know about the free and clear detergents but that's what I migrated to from Dreft (the added expense was not worth it over what I thought was a better product in the free and clear. That said, it does give you that "new baby" stuff smell).

  5. Yay for loads of baby stuff! It sounds like the useful type!

  6. I've just used whatever generic dye-free/fragrance-free detergent is the cheapest from the beginning. It's what I prefer for my stuff anyway.

    As for the pacifiers, some babies like them, some don't. I tried several brands with my girl. She'd suck for a few seconds, spit it out, and look at me with an expression that said, "You can't fool me, there's no milk coming out of here!"

  7. Yay EB -- I'm so happy for you. I have some hats to send (well, one, but another one in the works), if there's a way to do that that is comfortable for you. They're sized for fall use.

    I don't have your email to reply about the CF stuff, but am happy to email about it any time. I suppose the resources, etc., that are most relevant would depend on the nature/focus of your project. Will said he'd be happy to talk/email with you, if you want a perspective of an actual patient. Also, I follow the blog of a woman with CF in NY -- she and her family have been pretty active in the CF community there; she is 3 weeks, that's weeks, post-tx this week.

    Her link is:

    If it appeals, you might contact her. (I don't know her at all, although we frequent a few of the same bulletin board sites. I'd be happy to vouch for you if that's helpful.)

    You can email me at or through the link on the Liam blog. Love,