Friday, July 2, 2010

Dr's update

I had a hospital check up or check in, I guess. The nurse messed up my BP reading coz she used the wrong cuff and got a very high reading which when the doctor repeated it went from 130/84 to 117/ 78!! Drama over. No sugars or protein in my pee this time, cervix is looking good and I had another cbc to check on my falling platelets. I am now borderline and may need steroid shots. Oh my - what will I be like on steroids!! It may also mean a 'sooner rather than later' delivery.

Dr K suggested a tentative date of August 13th for the C-section but followed up by saying no-one every gets to the scheduled date with twins. I think we are aiming for the beginning of August but I wasn't really clear - she had her head up my hoo hoo at the time. I did tell her to slow the fuck down since she rattles off info like a machine gun. I shall ask for a non '13' date. Why mess with the universe at this point!!

All in all it was good news and it appears we are coming to the final stages of this pregnancy. I start my weekly stress tests next week. I have my growth scan next week also which means I will be in the hospital for 3 to 4 hours. Good grief. I have nearly finished packing my bag and I shall pack the babies bag next (we got a really cool 'dude' diaper bag so my husband can carry it) and then all I need is ... oh you know.. the babies.

Your stories and advice have really helped me on the c-section recovery front. Thanks!


  1. Wow - beginning of August- that is very exciting. IF you actually make it to Aug 13th - how many weeks will that be? 39? 40?
    I'm glad you sound in such great spirits! Keep up the great work, mama! And make sure you tell us how big the babies are at your growth scan next week!

  2. August 13th would be 36 weeks I think. 40 weeks is 2nd Sept.

  3. I had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 1 day and I made it just fine with no contractions or anything. It does happen. Good luck!