Thursday, July 29, 2010

35 weeks + Paraskevidekatriaphobics

Well, here we are at 35 weeks.
NST (non stress test) went well - base of 140 and 150 and the placenta's are good for another week. My blood pressure was really high for me - 224/88 (I'm normally 117/78) but the head nurse wasn't too worried. I've been feeling a bit crap this week. It's a combination of no sleep and I mean NO DAMN SLEEP and the physical discomfort. Everything is either under pressure or swollen. I don't really care but it makes movement a thing of the past.

Today is also my last official day of work for 2 months. Wow. How amazing to be able to write that sentence. I know its not exactly a holiday but it is two months without dodging knives and political bullets. Oh joy unbridled.

I'm surprised that lots of friends have commented about the C-section being on Friday 13th. Happily, I'm not superstitious ( in this case I do not have parakevidekatriphobic - a morbid fear of Friday 13th).
For me Friday 13th is specifically routed in a christian doctrine and since I haven't been blessed with a faith (christian or otherwise ) wouldn't I be a dreadful hypocrite to suddenly believe in its associated superstitions!

Life is hard enough without all the whirly gig of superstitions, don't you think. If we make it to Friday 13th (and honestly I'm not sure we will) it will be the birth-day of my little monkeys. My not so little monkeys. My lovely and funny and much loved, little monkeys.


  1. Hurrah for 35 weeks, and I'm totally with you on ignoring the Fri 13th thing. If nothing else, you'll probably have a better chance of getting private rooms, since many people WILL try to delay having a baby on that day.

    Can't wait to be cyber-introduced to your little monkeys!

  2. I am not superstitious at all and think that as far as you delivering on a Friday the 13th p-shaw! No worries...

    And, as long as your kids don't end up being superstitious the occasional Friday the 13th bday might be a cool deal.

  3. I'm so excited to meet your babies! I'm happy to hear you're off for another 2 months - wonderful news. Enjoy every minute. There's nothing quite like NOT having to worry about crap at work for a few months. I'm really enjoying my time off, even though I'm sleep deprived. It is a wonder, waking up to those beautiful little faces every time! xxoo

  4. 224? I HOPE that blood pressure reading was a typo. :)

    You're almost there....

  5. Okay, so I admit to be a 13th-a-phobe! Did you ever notice in most tall buildings, there is no 13th floor? Weird that so many of us do try to avoid a number. Kind of silly, I suppose, but in any case, I'm glad YOU are not a 13th-a-phobe.

    Um, yeah, your blood pressure does concern me a bit. I think it's high, but I'm sure your doc has been tracking things.

    YAY for no more work! Ahhhhhhhhhh. Okay, so I suppose we can now zoom straight to the 13th?