Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy Rolly Momma

Look at that thing!Is this not the coolest, sexiest stroller in the world. I love it!! I can't stop pushing it around the bedroom. I am so gonna put my monkeys in this thing and take Manhattan by storm. I'm a big walker anyway and what with the cup holder, I mean who wouldn't want to push this sexy thang??

Big day in Eb household. 33 weeks today and that means Day 1 of my restricted duty for work. My next in office day is Wednesday. And, my dear friends, that does not suck. The last three days have been brutal at work and as much as I wanted to work till the end, I can't keep going in to the office. I do have calls most days but hell bells, I can do them from my big comfy bed.

As per my personality, I didn't exactly take it easy today. I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and loved every moment of it. I spent time doing some old Chinese traditions in the kids room. I wiped down the wood with something called Happy Baby (it's a lavender & citrus oil that is meant to bring good luck) and wiped all the surfaces down with lemon water (water with, well, lemon in it) to bring good health. I'm not really superstitious but I do like the old traditions from China. No idea why. One thing for sure, the room smells lovely. We haven't got everything in there yet but when we do, it will look really calm and welcoming. I'll take a photo when its done.

Here is a photo of my 33 weeks belly. Its so big now (eating every hour remember) that I couldn't get the whole thing in the frame. Laughed my ass off trying to take this photo! Small babies my ass.


  1. Yes, that IS one hot stroller! I'm so jealous! Can just see you now with your Starbucks walking through Central Park! Love the sound of your Chinese traditions - hope to copy you one day! All seems marvellous - yay for big belly and big babies!

  2. Super hot stroller! You and your babies will have all the heads in Manhattan turning to look! What a cool trio you will be! Aaaahhhh, I'm so glad you're finally working the restricted schedule. Yes, you can answer the phone from your bed, feet up, yummy snacks at hand! Looking forward to seeing pics of the nursery (I think I can smell the delicous citrus-ness of it from here!). Hey, great belly pic! Even if you didn't quite fit all the belly into it. The best is yet to be. :)

  3. Yeah, I don't really know how you can have small babies in there.

  4. That is ONE HOT STROLLER! Can you pass the name along to me?
    You look FAB!

  5. Love the stroller and the nursery traditions and the reduced work schedule. Take it easy now if you can -- you'll soon have TWO BABIES to take care of! With love,

  6. Love the stroller and SO glad you're both eating more and working less. Take good care of yourself and those babies- you only have a few weeks left - how exciting! xxoo

  7. The stroller is AWESOME. Much, much cooler than the bus that I push around. Also love the 'half belly' pic--no way that there could be small babies in there! :D