Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big ideas about small kids

Having toddlers that seem to soak up everything about them I wonder if we shouldn't just pick up pegs and move to some small college town somewhere.
I'm under no illusion that life will be easier in a small college town. I grew up in  a college town in the UK and the university students meant easy access to experiences beyond my years.

However, as we hop on and off the subway to wonder around SOHO I think to myself how can I keep them safe in all this when they get bigger but not big enough. How can I instill right from wrong with all this around me pulling them to care about image and money beyond everything.

It boils down to this. Do i think I am up to being a mum that can do the job she's supposed to.

Clearly I'm having a crisis of confidence in more ways than one.

I can keep them clothed and fed (just). But can I do the bigger job?

Not that when one lives in a smaller town or in countryside it's any more difficult. The job is exactly the same. So where ever we go, there I will be.

Has anyone read anything  that helped them? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interviews and Reflections

I have a second interview with a company that out of the blue is looking for someone to join quite the cool team.
I have a meeting with someone that wants to partner with me on consulting

The day I either decide to quit or get another job or get fired (all equal in my mind) will be the day I post a big picture of fireworks and puppy dogs and chocolate. All the happiest thing in the world ...

 ... except my kids.

They are, I think, the happiest children in the world. I swear. They fight and cry and what not ... oh yes... but then five mins later the one in possession of the coveted object just hands it over! Then there is the crazy running around the house, the rocket ships and dragons, the singing and dancing.
Oh oh and can anyone tell me what is better than naked? Running around the apartment in your all together's seems to be joy unrelenting. I should try it. Maybe close the blinds though.

My work life is miserable but my home life is happy. Very happy. So the first thing doesn't really matter.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oooph No, No, No, No mummy anymore

Well, that was a hard couple of weeks. I have been working insane hours, traveling for a project at work and ramping up for some big annual meetings coming up.
All that to say ... not much time with kiddo's.

I interviewed for a new job and a few moments in the kids came up. I wonder if I was a guy if I would get the same kind of questions. How do I handle the travel and the kids?
Same way you do bozo. Miss them madly but happy for the sleep.

Mind you, today I got the full force of a Mimi meltdown. Damn that kid can strop.  She did the sit in the street yelling 'no no no' move. Not a good idea. I was that mum that yanked her kid to their feet and frog marched them home. I know I should have kneeled to her level and said how sorry I was that she was upset. I know this works coz I have done it a million times. It's the sitting down. She also screamed  NO! NO! NO! NO! NO MUMMY ANYMOOOOOOORE so that the windows rattled and anyone over 15 winced.

In my defense, your honor, I am as sick as dog. I have a deep gravelly voice and aching limbs. Husband is at work all weekend and we don't have a babysitter coz she's on vacation in Barbados.

How do you handle toddler tantrum?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Not just our kids.

Maybe all nannies are like this but the  SN (super nanny) we are blessed with collects neighborhood nannies that she feels make her standards and we all hang out together quite a bit. I shop with them in mind and the kids that they look after (Jack only eats round cheese, Sally loves e.lmo cookies).

One of the nannies that we love has been working for a very odd family. They insisted that both the child and the nanny be out from 8.30am to 5.30pm all day from 8 weeks onwards. I don't mean just on the nice days, I mean when there are serious winter storms or summer heat indexes way into the 90s, this poor kid and her long suffering nanny would be found trying to find shelter and rest.

The family decided to move 'back home' and gave the nanny three weeks notice. They also withheld this last weeks pay to ensure she would travel into town today to look after her little charge for one last day whilst they went for brunch.

The kid is devastated by all the new things happening in her life. She doesn't understand why the person that kept her safe and loved her very deeply is abandoning her. The family haven't explained to the child what is happening. Today the child wept whilst holding fast to her beloved begging her to please take her home, that she would be good and do what she was told.

That poor nanny left me a message after she finally said goodbye to her little one today. I could barely understand a word,  she was crying so hard. She is totally heartbroken.

For the parents she was just a baby sitter but for the child she was family. And vica versa.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


cash in easter eggs is normal? Seriously?

that is somehow the most depressing thing I've heard in a long time.


My kids are amazing. I know, I 'm that mother. But it's true. So amazing that I got up at 4am to get the 6am flight back home from a sucky business trip so I could get an hour before work today. Wait wait. I am amazing :)

Shouldn't there be the 'working mum's who really make the effort' award? I mean seriously?

Mimi got totally freaked out happy when I came in. It was so glorious.

Pip did his happy dance. Oh be still my fit to burst heart.

Did I tell you about Pip's laugh already? It is freakin' hilarious. He laughs like Sid James. Just google it. You'll be glad you did.