Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big ideas about small kids

Having toddlers that seem to soak up everything about them I wonder if we shouldn't just pick up pegs and move to some small college town somewhere.
I'm under no illusion that life will be easier in a small college town. I grew up in  a college town in the UK and the university students meant easy access to experiences beyond my years.

However, as we hop on and off the subway to wonder around SOHO I think to myself how can I keep them safe in all this when they get bigger but not big enough. How can I instill right from wrong with all this around me pulling them to care about image and money beyond everything.

It boils down to this. Do i think I am up to being a mum that can do the job she's supposed to.

Clearly I'm having a crisis of confidence in more ways than one.

I can keep them clothed and fed (just). But can I do the bigger job?

Not that when one lives in a smaller town or in countryside it's any more difficult. The job is exactly the same. So where ever we go, there I will be.

Has anyone read anything  that helped them? 


  1. Not quite the answer you may be looking for, but have you read Free Range Kids? There's a book and a website. Definitely about keeping kids safe but having fun and also about installing responsibility.
    But I'm with you on the smaller town ( or suburb?!!)

  2. Hi EB. Sorry I missed your recent posts. Can they really ask you about your family during a job interview? I thought that sort of thing was off limits. I also wish I had weighed in on the toddler tantrum thing. Our kids seem to learn exactly how to push our buttons early on, eh? Scout tantrums at home more than in public. I go a bit wild sometimes, mostly when he does the exact thing I JUST told him NOT to do.

    Anyway, no I haven't read anything. Yes, I am terrified as I wonder whether I will be able to handle the big stuff. Saying "no" to Goldfish crackers is one thing, guiding them through the treacherous deep waters of life is another.