Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oooph No, No, No, No mummy anymore

Well, that was a hard couple of weeks. I have been working insane hours, traveling for a project at work and ramping up for some big annual meetings coming up.
All that to say ... not much time with kiddo's.

I interviewed for a new job and a few moments in the kids came up. I wonder if I was a guy if I would get the same kind of questions. How do I handle the travel and the kids?
Same way you do bozo. Miss them madly but happy for the sleep.

Mind you, today I got the full force of a Mimi meltdown. Damn that kid can strop.  She did the sit in the street yelling 'no no no' move. Not a good idea. I was that mum that yanked her kid to their feet and frog marched them home. I know I should have kneeled to her level and said how sorry I was that she was upset. I know this works coz I have done it a million times. It's the sitting down. She also screamed  NO! NO! NO! NO! NO MUMMY ANYMOOOOOOORE so that the windows rattled and anyone over 15 winced.

In my defense, your honor, I am as sick as dog. I have a deep gravelly voice and aching limbs. Husband is at work all weekend and we don't have a babysitter coz she's on vacation in Barbados.

How do you handle toddler tantrum?


  1. It's a work in progress for us. :)

  2. It's actually illegal to ask about children in an interview because it can be a form of discrimination. It's too bad you were put in that position.

    My older son entered the terrible twos at 15 months and didn't emerge til almost 4. We had many a tantrum with our strong-willed boy and often it was a battle of wills between he and I much as I hate to admit it. I used 1-2-3 Magic in terms of giving him warnings and still, at 6, I use it. I NEVER have to get to the #3. He knows that if I do, bad things will happen, so he complies, even if unwillingly.

    And, the kneeling to their level and empathizing only works BEFORE a tantrum has started. Once it has, all they hear is "wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah".

  3. I concur with 11:48am, it is VERY illegal to ask you about your children in a job interview. Would he have asked you the same question if you were pregnant? What an idiot. I would have definitely called him out on it. You should provide that feedback to the recruiter or headhunter that brokered your interview. Not sure if you're very interested in the position, but to ask a question like that in an interview says a lot about the interviewer and the company.