Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interviews and Reflections

I have a second interview with a company that out of the blue is looking for someone to join quite the cool team.
I have a meeting with someone that wants to partner with me on consulting

The day I either decide to quit or get another job or get fired (all equal in my mind) will be the day I post a big picture of fireworks and puppy dogs and chocolate. All the happiest thing in the world ...

 ... except my kids.

They are, I think, the happiest children in the world. I swear. They fight and cry and what not ... oh yes... but then five mins later the one in possession of the coveted object just hands it over! Then there is the crazy running around the house, the rocket ships and dragons, the singing and dancing.
Oh oh and can anyone tell me what is better than naked? Running around the apartment in your all together's seems to be joy unrelenting. I should try it. Maybe close the blinds though.

My work life is miserable but my home life is happy. Very happy. So the first thing doesn't really matter.

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  1. You will get to happiness very soon. Having a great work life and great home life is the holy grail of living IMP. We can wait to hear you the new opportunity that comes your way. I'm pulling for you!