Friday, November 22, 2013

Where I've been.

Its been nearly a month since I last wrote. For one reason or another we have been plagued by ill health for that entire time

ear infections
virus and virus

the list goes on

As a result my sleep has been very disrupted. All I want is to press some sort of pause button, crawl in to bed and stay there for a week.

I will start writing again as soon as my sleep quota is off 5%

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ear infections and biting

Well, its been a few weeks of total mayhem. Chest infections, coughs, ear infections oh you name it. At one point we were an antibiotics factory. Sleepless nights and sad kids.

Happily we are on the mend but today I saw something that made me freeze.

Pip bit his sister really really hard. She was teasing him over something and I looked over and he was biting down so hard his head was shaking. Her arms have three big bite marks. She's wearing layers so he bit so hard the teeth made marks through various layers.

I put him in time out (where he fell asleep!) but I'm really shaken. It's the first real violence. Guess we have been lucky. My brother and I used to really fight as I think all kids do but as a mum it has really upset me.

Someone tell me that they have had this problem and you have some thoughts to help.


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