Monday, December 26, 2011

Second time a charm

Whilst getting my Ho Ho back I was attacked by the Oh No's. Not much a fun Christmas for my family with me throwing up every 30 mins for 15 hours.  All I can say is I can't wait for weigh in at WW on Sat!

I went to the doctors and it turns out I have some sort of infection.

What's interesting is that when I told my mum she said "wow, you are just like your dad". Turns out that when he had a big upset at work he got a stomach infection [insert spooky music here]

I have to eat a BRAT diet for two weeks - banana, rice, applesauce and toast. Clear liquids and once I am back on my feet no sugar or sugar substitute. At the moment that sounds fine by me!

And speaking of second times... BWUB is PREGNANT!!!!! Congratulations. So happy for you. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peace. Joy. Prosperity

Thank you for your kind words. Really helped to get my ho ho back.
TO that end, DH and I are snuggled up on the sofa watching the Yule Log (he's asleep actually) listening to that really great bad music and the kids? They went back to bed!

No presents have been opened as yet which draws out the fun. I guess this will be the last year for that. They even slept till 7am. We aren't cooking this year since everyone is out of sorts, however we will be going a retro diner downtown just for the fun of it. Then home to gifts and music and maybe lasagna (the ultimate comfort food :-))

Got a call from the company that didn't hire me - they wanted to let me know it was a budgetary restriction only (not performance, they are not hiring anyone else) and if they can work out the money side (not really likely since they just lost 2 big accounts) the jobs mine. Not sure I want to work with such a neurotic company but hey - I need the job. I also landed two consulting gigs for January - Phew! Prosperity.

Wishing you all joy, peace and prosperity for 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

No ho ho ho

I got an email late last night from the company that I have had ten hours of interviews with. It's for a very high level job so the amount of interviews wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that the person with the budget, the person I would apparently report to knew NOTHING about why we were speaking? Turns out the global CEO wants someone like me in to manage this guy. Nice.

Anyhow. The email was from the HR person asking for a call. Today.  He told me they are not going to hire me. I'm petrified that I will never work again. I am furious at the company for being so totally disorganised about the whole thing. And for telling me this close to Christmas. I mean c'mon! This is really not cool.

Pip continues to be whiny and he puked all his diner up last night so we decided that it wasn't a good idea to go to the Christmas parties. Not fair on others. I'm still not well. Whaaa whaa whaa.

No job. No parties. No ho ho ho. :-(

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

not teething ...

No its wasn't just teething. Pip has a virus and today his body is covered in a rash. Nothing to be done but tlc etc. Neither is eating too well and Pip is exhausted but he getting into trouble more which is a wonderful sign.

Just as Pip got ill so did I (&DH). I came down with a stomach bug. I had a raging temperature, body aches and projectile everything.  It was so bad that I asked super nanny to stay overnight. She was terrific about the whole thing. It was the first good nights sleep I've had in ages, even if I was recovering from severe blech!

All in all not a great start to the holiday seasons!

Onwards tho. Gearing up for parties and fun. Dresses and shiny shoes and little jackets oh my!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is this teething? need help

Both kids have gone wonky this weekend. Saturday Mimi fell ill. Lethargic and temperature. she didn't want to eat but would take her milk. Her temp broke in the evening but she has a really runny nose and lots  saliva. Today Pip woke up fine but by lunchtime was exactly the same except his temp went really high for a little bit. He hasn't eaten either but has had his milk.
Neither one can sleep for longer than an hour or so. Right now, they are quiet.

The not sleeping thing is really odd. I gave him a dose of medicine but it only seems to work for a little bit.

Anyway, please tell me your experiences with teething - anything sound like this?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What says Christmas to you

I'm from the UK and nothing says Christmas like Betty's Christmas fruit cake. Now I think the ole fruit cake gets a bad name over here. Yorkshire cake is full of brandy, rum, huge chunks of marzipan and icing. Ohh man, so good so good so good.

And mine arrived in the am and is half gone!

My kids like the cake. It makes them sleep. Mummy like the kids getting boozed up on Christmas cake! And before I get the storm of angry emails - they booze is flavour and not real stuff.

Now I have a new traditions. Shoes. We got the kids new shoes at Macy's today. Sparkly silver ones for Mimi and solid black ones for Mr Pip. I think, from now on, we shall get new shoes for Christmas (and Hanukkah).

What a lovely time of year :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walking and talking and thinking about stuff.

I love this toddling thing. Mimi can walk up a storm and almost run. Pip is a sooopa scootcha - my little guy can cover ground on his bum.  I love the talking and signing and learning and loving. I go to bed exhausted but very happy, looking forward to the cuddling and hilarious stuff the next day.

However, soon I should know whether I have landed a new full time job. The company is known for long hours and lots of travel. I am going to miss so much of my kids stuff when I go back to work. I'm so sad. I didn't really feel like this when I came off maternity leave.  But financially there is no way I can stay at home even if I thought I could handle it :-)  and there aren't that many jobs around that I can sniff at one.

I bought a lottery ticket. Hope lives eternal.

In the meantime, I am getting in the holiday spirit.  Here is tree #1 (the fake one).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tree's galore + Baby belly

We went with both the real tree and the fake tree!  We got a little fake tree for the living room. And we are getting a real tree for our bedroom. Yes, it will be tiny but at least it will be real and make our bedroom will smell just glorious. Overkill? You bet.

It's been quite the week. Sang in three concerts, ran my first full 5K today, had a financial review (phew, all good) and of course, had the little monsters to look after.

I'm worn out! I wish I could say that I will slow down this week but it ain't so.

The running has made me very aware of my post baby belly. Post pregnancy the c-section opened up and then closed as a big old scar. As expected it sits under my big twin belly and pushes it out. I'm losing weight but my belly is out of proportion to the rest of my body. It looks like I am wearing a bum-bag (fanny-pack) under my t-shirt. It just isn't getting any smaller.

A while back I went to see a plastic surgeon about getting surgery. It would cost $12K with him. If I lost weight the price would come down. I'm thinking that if I land a job I may invest in the plastic surgery. It's not only aesthetic. The constant pulling forward causes backache.

$12K is a year of pre-school. It's a good wack of our nanny fee's, it's a trip for all of us to the UK and somewhere on vacation.

Have you had anything done? Would you get this done? What are your thoughts?