Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is this teething? need help

Both kids have gone wonky this weekend. Saturday Mimi fell ill. Lethargic and temperature. she didn't want to eat but would take her milk. Her temp broke in the evening but she has a really runny nose and lots  saliva. Today Pip woke up fine but by lunchtime was exactly the same except his temp went really high for a little bit. He hasn't eaten either but has had his milk.
Neither one can sleep for longer than an hour or so. Right now, they are quiet.

The not sleeping thing is really odd. I gave him a dose of medicine but it only seems to work for a little bit.

Anyway, please tell me your experiences with teething - anything sound like this?


  1. When it was a cold spiced up with an infection, George had high fever a several days, stuffed up nose and lots of saliva because he could not breath through the nose properly.
    But if the fever broke and they are on and off quiet, it could be teething. Have the molars show any signs so far? They are a awful! Although it is a bit odd how they both started teething at once. A cold shared between them would make more sense.
    Anyway, whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon.

  2. When Hen's gotten his big teeth, he's been a bit fussy, and his cheeks turn BRIGHT red. I'm not a big fan of the thermometer when I don't think he's in danger, so I've never measured, but I DO think he runs an on again/off again fever while the teeth are actually coming through. It mainly manifests in no sleep, though. Sorry. Hope it's teeth & they both get theirs quickly & soon!

  3. My guess would be possible ear infections, especially with the congestion and temps. The pressure is worse when they lay down, which might be why they don't want to sleep. The classic "tugging at the ear" isn't necessarily reliable. Both of my kids had raging ear infections and neither of them pulled at their ears. I would take them to the pediatrician if it lasts another day or so.

  4. Not sure what the kids have - Scout never had a temp with teething. I agree with getting them in to see the doctor, just in case. Poor little ones. Hope they are better soon.