Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walking and talking and thinking about stuff.

I love this toddling thing. Mimi can walk up a storm and almost run. Pip is a sooopa scootcha - my little guy can cover ground on his bum.  I love the talking and signing and learning and loving. I go to bed exhausted but very happy, looking forward to the cuddling and hilarious stuff the next day.

However, soon I should know whether I have landed a new full time job. The company is known for long hours and lots of travel. I am going to miss so much of my kids stuff when I go back to work. I'm so sad. I didn't really feel like this when I came off maternity leave.  But financially there is no way I can stay at home even if I thought I could handle it :-)  and there aren't that many jobs around that I can sniff at one.

I bought a lottery ticket. Hope lives eternal.

In the meantime, I am getting in the holiday spirit.  Here is tree #1 (the fake one).

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  1. The cute toddling thing gets better and better! At least until they are old enough to open the dishwasher and start pulling knives out! (sheesh!).

    Well...if you've got to take the job, you've got to. I'd say that you'll adjust, but I know the time away from your kids will be hard no matter what. Sorry. I hope the lottery ticket thing comes through.

    Nice tree! And hey, I didn't realize your transfer was December 15! It must be a lucky day. Of course, I am double freaked about the twin thing now! Yikes.