Tuesday, December 20, 2011

not teething ...

No its wasn't just teething. Pip has a virus and today his body is covered in a rash. Nothing to be done but tlc etc. Neither is eating too well and Pip is exhausted but he getting into trouble more which is a wonderful sign.

Just as Pip got ill so did I (&DH). I came down with a stomach bug. I had a raging temperature, body aches and projectile everything.  It was so bad that I asked super nanny to stay overnight. She was terrific about the whole thing. It was the first good nights sleep I've had in ages, even if I was recovering from severe blech!

All in all not a great start to the holiday seasons!

Onwards tho. Gearing up for parties and fun. Dresses and shiny shoes and little jackets oh my!


  1. Oh you poor things! I'm dreading the stomach bug part of parenting!

  2. Oh, no, sorry to hear everyone is sick. I hope Santa brings you all a big dose of quick recovery!